New Life. (Adam Banks Love Story)

New Life. (Adam Banks Love Story)

Since Theirs Like NO Adam Banks Storys I Just had To! =) The ducks Are In Their Sophmore Year At Eden Hall.

Chapter 4


Ok So I Decided i'm gona make it more recent since it just makes it easier =P

Adams POV
I walked into the lunch room & my eyes searched for her straight away when I found her sitting beside Averman my stomach was in knots.
"I can't believe it! Shes sitting with him" Russ exclaimed
"C'mon lets go"I said eagerly and started to walk over before Portman put his hand infront of me "Wait man, You can't rush over just walk casually over you gotta be smooth..Trust me I know what I'm talking about" He said while winking at a cheerleader passing and made her giggle like mad
"Right ok can we go now?" I said impatiently Fulton put his hands on my shoulders "Lets go". Ok try stay calm, be cool.. Smooth. "Hey guys" Fulton called and they all turned around and she looked straight at me. Stay Calm...Cool..Um ahh crap! She turned around quickly & started talking to Dwayne like she didnt see me Ouch!
"Go sit beside her." Portman whispered pushing me and almost making me trip over Avermans bag.
I pulled out the chair Calm,Cool,Smooth
"Hey,I'm Adam Banks." I smiled she just looked at me for a moment and it started to get awkward.
"Ah H-Hi, Belle Morgan" she stuttured and she looked down
"Banksie, Belle was just saying shes never seen a hockey game and has only been on the ice once in her life!" My jaw dropped when Dwayne told me this
"No way! Never seen a game? Not even on Tv?" I was in shock
She laughed and my heart fluttered "Nope hockeys not that popular in Ireland, I take it your a big fan?"
"Well ya hockeys my life its the best sport in the world!" I was rambling..GREAT!
"I don't agree to be honest" she argued "I can't imagine any sport being better than soccer."
"Well looks like i'll have to try and change your mind" I can't believe I was flirting, but it was so easy to talk to her.
"I doupt you will, soccer is my life just like hockey is yours and you trying to change my mind about soccer is like me trying to get you to like soccer more than hockey" She challenged
"I'm still gona try" I said simply she looked at me like she was trying to see if I was bluffing then smiled softly that made me smile aswell. "Good luck with that then" we both laughed and everyone joined in the conversation asking her so many questions but she didnt seem to mind I just watched her silently.
Julie: "Show us your time-table & i'll see what classes you got with us" she rumaged in her bag then withdrew a small peice of paper & passed it to Julie the rest of the guys gathered round including me.
Julie:"You got Life Education 2nd class after lunch with me,Charlie,Guy,Connie,Goldberg, Russ & Banksie" YES and I had last class with her aswell
"Great do I have first class with any of ye? So I don't look like a loser walking by myself"she laughed.
"You got it with me and Kenny" Dwayne answered
"Great, Will we go then?" "Sure thing see ye guys at practise" Dwayne and Ken waved Belle said her goodbyes and turned to me "I guess i'll see you in class?" she smiled shyly "Ya see ya in class" she walked away with Ken and Dwayne while I just stared after her in amazement until I realized the guys were smiling at me weirdly "What?"
"Didnt say anything"
"Just marvelling at your beauty" "Nice one Goldberg" "Thanks Charlie"
"Whatever ye're really weird sometimes guys!"

Belle POV
When I was talking to Adam it was odd I smiled, genuinely smiled which I havent done since....Well quite some time and now I can't stop.
"So how are you liking Eden Hall Belle?" Ken Wu asked walking to class
"Not as bad as i thought it would, tell the truth I thought everybody would be stuck up and shizz"
"Thats what we thought when we came here right ken" Dwayne said
"Ya, and it kinda is alot of the students like the varsity hockey team and the cheerleaders are snobs" "Well I know who to stay clear from"
"Belle wait up!" I turned and Beth was running towards me "Whats up?"
"Will you tell Penelope that i'll be home late please"
"I can't I got soccer practise member"
"O right!Damn ok i'll just ring dad" "Why are you going to be late?"
"I joined glee club"She said excited
"Whats glee club?" "I'll tell you at home i gotta get to class" & she ran off
"Is that your sister" Dwayne said kinda in a trance
"Ya shes a freshman here.. Whats glee club?"
"Its a thing for people that sing and dance & well they get picked on abit by the popular kids" Ken said uncomfortably
"Well if anyone messes with my sister they'll have me to deal with"
"And the ducks" Dwayne added smiling down at me.

Class went pretty quick when I left I started gettin nervous again, Adams in this class.
I Sat between Russ and Charlie, infront of me the seat was free and when Adam came in sat there.We didn't have a chance to talk 'cause the teacher started talking
"Ok guys I know ye usually like this class just because ye get to sit and chat and ye will but first I'm gona fill ye in on next weeks assignments.
"We actually have to work? and learn something!?" Goldberg said and made us all laugh including the teacher
"Yes but it'll be fun. Ye're going to get into partners and ye'll be a married couple with a child for a week" I laughed quitly
"Shes kidding right" I whispered to Adam
"No all sophmores do it,didn't they do it at your old school" he leaned back in his chair to answer,now he was really close and I couldn't help but blush, he must of noticed because when he glanced back he smiled
"No not in a million years they wouldnt trust us we'd kill eachother" he laughed & the teacher looked at us but ignored it.
"I want ye to carefully decide over the next week who your partner will be, if you dont have a partner by next monday I'll assign you one, now chat among ye'reselfs."
I knew Charlie & Julie would be partners same with Connie & Guy. I wanted to be with Adam but I knew i'd never ask
"So anyone in mind?" Charlie asked nodding towards Adam while he was talking with Russ
"Um well I dunno" I blushed AGAIN!!
"Well Adams pretty popular & I garuntee in the next minute he'll get asked"
Funny enough I looked and a blonde cheerleader just sat herself on Adams desk
"Hey Banks wanna be partners, I reckon we'd make a perfect couple" she was curling her hair around her finger Stupid Little Son Of A B---
"I can't sorry Jenni" He said simply while Russ laughed his heart out
"Why not?" she asked shocked that he rejected her. right now their was a huge smile on my face so I turned to Charlie and Julie which were laughing as much as Russ
"I already have a partner, sorry again." my heart fell and my smile faltered But Who?
She got up and stomped away from him and he hit Russ playfully for laughing
"Thanks for the help guys" he smiled
"Who's your partner Banksie?" Julie questioned
he looked at me "Well theirs this new girl that I really wanna ask.."
Julie & Connie: "Awwwwww"
Goldberg:"You stole my heart"
Russ:"Such a gentleman"
Guy: "Sorry I'm takin"
Charlie: "Ok let them have their moment people"
They walked abit away to leave us but I could see Julie and Connie trying to listen
"Wow you must be gutted that Guy is taken" I smirked playfully
he laughed "Oh yeah I dont know how i'm gona live from the pain of rejection"
I laughed along God Hes Perfect!
"So will you be my partner?"
I pretended to deliberate

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