New Life. (Adam Banks Love Story)

New Life. (Adam Banks Love Story)

Since Theirs Like NO Adam Banks Storys I Just had To! =) The ducks Are In Their Sophmore Year At Eden Hall.

Chapter 3


The Pic In This Chapter Is Of Belles Sister Beth.

Belles POV
I just found my locker & was puttin the books that I didn't need into it when I was tapped on the shoulder, I turned to face a boy about my height curly brown hair with glasses looking nervous.
"Um hi" I said unsure what he aswered really confused me
"Did it hurt?" He blurted out
"Excuse me" what the hell is this dude talking about.
"When you fell.. From heaven 'cause only an Angel could look as good as you" He tried to be smooth but failed miserably I couldn't help but burst out laughing now it was his turn to be confused "What?" He questioned
"Dude is that the best you got?" He seemed kinda hurt & I realized I was being kinda mean
"Russ said it would work!" Now it made sense he friend is taking the mick outta him
"Well who ever Russ is hes fooled you" I smiled
"Great now I gotta go back to the guys & listen to them laugh at me Oh The Joy!"
He pointed behind him to a group of mostly guys looking over at us, they acted like they were minding they're own business when they saw me. their was quite a few I looked them all over then my eyes met with another pair of blue eyes & I felt I shiver go down my spine
"Well thanks for not slapping me bye!"The guy was about to walk away when an Idea struck me
"Wait" He looked at me questionly
"Don't you want to get this Russ guy back?" A huge smile formed on his face "What do you have in mind---?" "Its Belle Morgan" "Les Averman But vall me Averman"
"Ok Averman go back & tell your friends & I agreed to sit with you at lunch & i'll see you then" Then I walked to my first class
This Should Be Fun But Who Was That Guy, When I Looked At Him I Got Such A Weird Feeling.. Prob Cause Hes Drop Dead Goergous
^But You Have Soccer To Worry About Never Mind Boys^
I Guess,He Wouldnt Be Interested In Me Anyway
Why Am I Talkin To Myself Buzz Off!

Adam POV
The Girl(Mental note find out her name) walked away & Averman started towards us & surprisingly he looked pretty smug.
"We'll what happened?What's she like?"I couldnt help it the words were out of my mouth before he even got to us which ended up in me gettin a smirk of Charlie
"Belle will be joining us for lunch gentlemen" he said proudly & I got this feeling, I wanted to punch him
Russ:"WHAT? No way quit playing!"
Dwayne: "Why would she join us for lunch?" Poor Dwayne He Just.. Takes Some Time To Catch On.
Averman:" 'Cause my dear friend I asked her & she agreed"
Connie:"You probably scared her"
Luis:"Did you bribe her?"
Portman: " You told her you were a Duck didnt you? So she likes Jocks" I grin started to form on his face which made me want to punch him too GOD Adam Get A Grip Shes Just A Girl.
We started to class I fell behind not wanting to listen to everyone talk about her.. Belle What A Beautiful Name..........
Charlie:"Banks this doesnt mean anything she might just want some place to sit or just think he wants to be friends or.. or......."
Julie: "What Charlies trying to say is she'll be a fool not to like you"
Charlie sighed with relief when his girl came to his rescue I just nodded I wasnt in the mood for talking I just wanted to see her again

Belle POV
My classes went by quick & they were easy considering Irelands education is a year ahead of Americas & right now I was so grateful for that. I have two classes with Averman & he was really funny I hope we'll be good friends. I had classes with a few other people I saw in Avermans group one of them started talkin to me in class b4 the teacher arrived
"Hey, I'm Dean Portman" He smirked I gotta admit he looked pretty good doing it.
"Belle Morgan" I smirked back "So just to let you know if anyone picks on you for being the new kid let me know, me & my bash brother will take care of them" He said confidently
"Um BashBrother?" "You've never heard of the"
"Ok class settle down take you seats"
I didnt get a chance to talk to him again & as soon as class finished I headed for the canteen.
Their was a 2 tables with cheerleaders but had different outfits guys wearing red jackets saying Warriors on the back next to them then a few tables away were more guys wearin a simliar jacket then their was "Avermans Group" As I didnt no what else to call them
Averman saw me & waved over I smiled slightly & looked down at my feet I was really nervous about seeing that guy again & was hoping he wasnt there but at the same time hoping he was?Weird rite.
"Hey Belle" Averman had his back to the rest & winked
"Hey Averman thanks for letting me sit you"I sat down beside him & he put his arm on the back of my chair the rest of the tables mouths were wide open I tried so hard to not laugh
"Belle Ducks. Ducks Belle..Well some of the ducks" To my relief & disappointment the guy wasnt there."
"Hi Ducks" I Smiled
"Your new right?" "Yes Dwayne shes knew what type of question is that?" "Sorry"
"Your hot. Ouch! Sorry Connie."
"Averman bribed you right?" "I didn't bribe her Luis!"
"Where you from?" Finally a question I could answer
"Then why you all the way here" the guy called Dwayne asked in a accent I know from movies=Southern
"My dad had a work opportunity over here
"Hey guys" I heard from behind me I looked over my shoulder & their was 4 of them the one I know as Dean Portman, the one beside him had a bandana on aswell a coloured guy & lastly the guy I've come to the conclusion of being the hottest guy I've ever seen. He was staring at me which made me blush real deep I turned back around completely getting nervous again
" So Dwayne right?" "Yes ma'am"
"Why are ye called the ducks?"
"Well thats the name of our hockey team"
"oooooo that explains alot" I laughed & he joined in. Someone pulled at a chair beside me I turned to see who it was & my breath caught in my throat, I felt my cheeks burning, He smiled at me & my knees went weak (Good Thing I Was Sitting Down)
"Hi, I'm Adam Banks"


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