New Life. (Adam Banks Love Story)

New Life. (Adam Banks Love Story)

Since Theirs Like NO Adam Banks Storys I Just had To! =) The ducks Are In Their Sophmore Year At Eden Hall.

Chapter 2

The New Girls

Do you ever feel like you don't belong? Well thats what I feel rite now looking around the campus of Eden Hall Academy. Its like I stepped into the American type movies I usual watch on Tv, Their was the cheerleaders practising and the creepy boys watching them, Jocks throwing footballs back and forth.. A month ago I would of been so excited but now I just feel so alone.. empty.
Following my dad and sister into the principals office I sat in a chair along with them across from a man with slightly greying hair glasses & rather thin, the man I presummed to be principal.
He stood up shaking our hands while speaking
"Welcome to Eden Hall Academy its a pleasure to have ye young ladies here,I'm Mr.Dean Buckley The principal."
I scoffed at this I mean what aload of shite! I earned another glare from my dad surprise surprise!!
"Belle & Beth if ye go the secretary out there she'll give ye ye're time tables.. Oh & Belle you have your first practise with the soccer team after classes their very keen to meet you" He ended with a smile,a very creepy smile.
We thanks him & I made way to go to the secretary when my dad called me
"Belle I have to head tonight on work but a work friend Penelope will be at home when you get there,Have fun ye too,Belle don't cause trouble,show them how to play soccer Beth show them what my lil Einstein can do love ye." He said hugging Beth and kissed her forward he looked at me expectingly I rolled my eyes and walked out.. I got my time table a map of the school said goodbye to Beth & went to search for my class.

Meanwhile In The Deans Office
Derek Morgan was looking after his daughters that just left the room he turned to dean with a small smile "I'm sorry, Belle really is greet Dean shes just.. well shes just not herself rite now after everything that happened"
"Not to worry Derek its completely understandable, i'm sure she'll be alright."
"I hope so, She used to be full of life you know? hard to believe but she always smiled loved to goof off pull pranks & always trying to find something crazy to do.. I just hope we get out Belle back...

Adam Banks POV
Me,Charlie,Julie & Russ were at Charlies locker waiting for him to get his books for first period I was thinking about our next game when I saw Averman running towards us he stopped put his hands on his knees trying to catch his breath
"Are the varsity team trying to stuff you in a lockr again? How many times do I gotta tell you run to Fulton & Portman not me!" Russ said looking behind Averman checking if varsity were coming.
"No.. Not that.... One sec." He breathed
Julie:"Ya sure take your time not like we have class to go to our anything."
Charlie: "C'mon tell us on the way man"
Charlie grabbed Julies hand & we started walking & FINALLY Averman started talking
"Dyu know the way we were sappoze to have a new girl at the start of the year?The one that apparntly played in the world cup in soccer?"
"Ya but didn't she bail?" I questioned
"So did everyone but I just heard the soccer team that shes starting today & I saw 2 girls walk outta the deans office and they were..FOXY!"
"Foxy? Seriously Averman..FOXY? Man I gotta teach you how to talk!" Russ laughed and we all joined in.
"Theirs A Blonde & a brunnette I think I might chance it with the blonde- OMG Their she is!"
& thats when I saw her, wearing denim shorts a green white & gold jersey converse, & her blonde hair falling perfectly down her back even though she was a good bit away I could tell her eyes were blue they stood out from her dark skin she was the most beautiful-"
"Banks? Banksie?BANKS!!"
"What!?" I said abit frustrated that Charlie made me look away from her
"You ok?" "Ya why?"
"Well you were kinda staring at that girl like you would jump infront of a bullet for her.. WAIT are you showing interest in a girl?" He asked faking shock
Banks: "What No.." I said blushing at being caught
Charlie:"Wow, Ya thats real convincing Adam.."
Averman: "I saw her first"
Julie: "No offence guys but look at her she'll have the hole school after her"
I knew Julie was rite & I felt my heart sink why did I care so much? I just saw the girl & I'm hooked
Russ:" Well if you ask me Averman, you should go talk to her!" I looked up ready to glare at Russ but he winked at us withour Averman seeing
Averman:"But what will I say?"
Russ whipsered in his ear "Really You think that would work?" Russ nodded & Averman set off across the hall & the rest of the ducks joined us
"He guys check out Averman" Russ called to rest and we all watched Russes joke take place.

OK I KNOW ITS NOT THAT EXCITING.. Well Its Weally Boring But It Gets Better.. Pretty Please Leave Comments. =)

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