New Life. (Adam Banks Love Story)

New Life. (Adam Banks Love Story)

Since Theirs Like NO Adam Banks Storys I Just had To! =) The ducks Are In Their Sophmore Year At Eden Hall.

Chapter 1

Life Is Over.

The Pic On This Chapter Is Of Belle Morgan.

On the plane listenin to my Ipod sitting beside my younger(By a year)
sister,Beth, & my dad ,Derek Morgan, thinking about how my life has pretty much ended... Ok your probably thinking what the hell she talking bou rite?So I guess I have to tell you.

My name is Belle Morgan I'm from Ireland, just turned 16 & i'm moving.. Half way around the world!Yup i'm moving to America, Minnesota to be precise.My dad had a huge work oppurtunity, I got a scholarship to Eden Hall Academy in soccer.. When my dad was going to inroll us there he started to brag about how i'm on the Ireland ladies minor soccer team & next thing you know BAM! I had a scholarship which I thought was crazy considering my dad was willing to pay for us but he's certainly not complaining.

Doesn't sound that bad ya? No. See school started a week ago we were spoze to get there 3weeks ago but something happened that changed everything.. including me... My twin brother & best friend died.Killed actually.


"C'mon Belle we'll miss the whole concert at this stage!" My brother ,Blaise, shouted from the front door "Ok chill I'm ready.. now lets goooo!"

We got into his car that he just got as he past his driving test a month ago

We were screaming at the top of out lungs You Give Love A Bad Name-Bon Jovi as we came to traffic lights 5 minutes from our destination, the light was green so Blaise kept going.

I turned to Blaise laughing but he wasn't laughing he was looking out his window at a car coming full speed at us... END

A drunk driver ran a red light, but for some reason I wasn't angry at the driver like everyone else I was mad at myself.

It was our birthday & I Bought us tickets for Bon Jovi since he loved them, If I didnt get the tickets for us to go then he'd be still here.. sitting beside me telling me that moving isnt so bad, that we'll hit Eden Hall with a bang-

"Belle sweetie?" My dad called pulling me out of my train of thought

"Huh?" was all I replied still coming back to the present

"we're landing now"

"Woohoo" I answered sarcastically

"Less of the attitude" He said sternly I just turned to look at the window

Tomorrow I start my sophmore year in a stuck up snobby school.. Well atleast I have soccer to look forward to.


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