A girl's fantasy (Damon Salvatore)

A girl's fantasy (Damon Salvatore)

Idk if you girl's love the bad boy type,But I do,so I decided to right a story,I really hope you like it! I will be postinng another chapter if I see that people like this one :] If there is any pictures of you or your firends,Im terribly sorry,I saw them and thought they were great so I put them on here :]

Chapter 1

Maddies Pov-Chapter 1=All I really want to Do

It was only my second week at my new school in Mystic Falls High,But I already had great friends. I pulled into the High school parking lot,Hurrying to get in. I found my new friends by my locker which was thankfully next to theirs. I put my stuff in my locker,trying not to drop anything.
"I'm so sorry,Guys!" I said shutting my locker.
"It's okay!" Elena soothed as we walked to our first class.
Stefan's POV
I parked my Car and got out,walking into school and to my locker. I put my things in and got out my text book,ready to get to class. I felt someone's eyes on me. I turned around and nearly chocked.
"Damon." I said coldyly.
Damon's POV
"Hello,little brother." I replied,Smirking.
"What are you doing here?" He hissed.
"Hey,Is that any way to talk to your big brother?" I said matter-of-factly.
"Yeah,right,Like I'd respect a lowlife like you." he hissed back.
"I heard there was fresh meat!" I hissed venemously,aggrovating him on purpose. "I was kidding,Now calm down,I was bored." I said shrugging.
"You,bored?" He said,mock misbeleif on his face.
"I know,I couldn't beleive it either.Now show me your schedule so we can hurry up and get out fo the hall."
Stefan rolled his eye's,getting out his schedule.
We had 1,2,4,5, and 8 together. I was thrilled.
We got to class and our teacher wasn't even in there,yet. It was,;ike, 2o minutes early. "Over here,Damon." Stefan said,walking over to a group of girls.
"Damon this is Bonnie,Caroline,and Maddie." On the last girl he hadn't introduced yet,he wrapped his arms around her and said,"This is Elena,My girlfriend." She was pretty,shoulder-length brown hair and brown eyes.
"Stefan had a girlfriend? Big shock,never thought that would happen." I said,deciding to have some fun with him. I heard giggles and turned to see 3 girls looking at me. I looked at the firs,Bonnie. She had olive brown skin,Bright hazel eyes and long black hair. "Hello,Bonnie." I said,turning on my charm. She blushed and looked away,giggling. I turned to the next one. Looking up through my long bangs,I said "Hello,Caroline." To the next girl,with short pixie cut light red hair. I turned to the next girl,Maddie but my breath caught in my throat.


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