Warriors- FanFic

Warriors- FanFic

Yes!! I am making a Warriors fanfiction!! I've only just started to read the series, but I've already fallen in love. Just got done with Fire And Ice... I want the next one sooo badly! I've also read Bluestar's prophecy... Erin Hunter is a genius.
I hope you like my made-up Clans!


Chapter 1

SnowClan Information

Leader: Brightstar- Light-brown tabby she-cat with dark brown stripes. Bright blue eyes and white chest.

Deputy: Fierceheart- Dark-brown tom with orange eyes.
Apprentice- Blackpaw

Medicine Cat: Goldenleaf- Tawny long-haired she-cat with amber eyes.

Warriors: Redfawn- Chestnut she-cat with green eyes and light-brown paws.
Kestrelclaw- Golden she-cat with amber eyes.
Dandoliontail- Tawny long-haired tom with unusually poofy tail.
Snowheart- Huge white tom with gray eyes.
Apprentice- Ashpaw
Heatherfoot- Tortoiseshell she-cat with white belly and paws.
Apprentice- Cloverpaw
Featherear- Black and white she-cat with tufts of fur on her ears.
Spidertail- Black she-cat with blue eyes.
Apprentice- Orangepaw
Sorrelfur- Sorrel she-cat with amber eyes.
Sparrowflight- Brown tom with white paws.
Apprentice- Saberpaw
Willowdown- Light-brown she-cat with soft brown eyes.
Dovetail- Cream-colored she-cat with blue eyes
Foxfur- Red tom with white tail tip.
Thornclaw- Fierce, orange tom with large claws.
Boldface- Brindle tom with amber eyes.
Steadyfoot- Pale ginger tom with blue eyes and large white paws.

Queens: Silverspirit- White she-cat with orange eyes, mother of Daisykit, Whitekit, and Redkit.
Briarmist- Red-brown queen with amber eyes, expecting kits.
Birdfeather- blue-gray queen, expecting kits.

Elders: Nettlebunch- Spikey-furred she-cat with an orange pelt.
Jinxheart- Funny old tom with dark, dark brown fur.
Grayfoot- Silver tom with blue eyes.

Apprentices: Ashpaw- white tom with large gray paws and green eyes (Main Character)
Cloverpaw- Light-gray she-cat with smokey eyes.
Blackpaw- Jet-black tom with yellow eyes.
Orangepaw- Cream-colored tom with orange paws, tail, and ears, with blue eyes. (Once was a kittypet.)
Saberpaw- Nervous tawny tom with amber eyes.

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