Uncontrolling love?

Uncontrolling love?

Im putting the intro in the story because its too long to put here.This is my first story so I hope you like it :) and if you do can you please give me feedback. Thanks! :D

Chapter 1

New Year,New School.

Hi my name is Phoenix, I'm 16 and I recently moved to a place called Spring shore.I have an older brother and his name is Brendan and a sister named Sarah and they're 17,also twins.Yep so that means I'm the youngest which I hate because they are a bit over protective which pisses me off, they always act like they are my parents, geez I'm only ONE year younger then them and I could barely even talk to boys who said hi to me at my old school while my sister used to always go around flirting with boys and my brother on the other hand plays one girls heart then moves onto the next! , he used to get called "Brendan the heart breaker" so people say.Sometimes I wish they could understand that I'm getting older .....

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(Chapter One)
"PHOENIX GET THE HELL UP!" is all I can hear like a alarm clock running through my ear then out the other.
"DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO GOD DAMN LOUD! I say back while I slowly get up rubbing my eyes.
"Well its the first day at this new school so you should be getting ready"
My sister Sarah says acting all responsible and so on..
"Annnnnnd your point is?" I say back at her since I'm not even in the mood to do anything.
"oh c'mon its our first day! time to meet new people and make friends since you didn't have much friends at the last school we went to" She
"Oh and who's fault might that be?hmmmm..let me guess..." as I folded my arms.
"Look me and Brendan are only looking out for you that's all,you know we love you and we just don't want anything to happen to you especially if one day a boy you might fall for, then he hurts your feelings or something...Phoenix? are you even listening to me?" I look at her and all I hear is blah blah blah then I finally snap out of it,
"umm yeaaa? okay well I'm up now so can you get out since I NEED TO GET READY FOR SCHOOL YAY!" As I said that with a huge smile on my face acting like a little kid,then rolled my eyes again once she shut the door.I walked over to the closet and looked through my clothes wondering what to wear.I put on some black ripped skinny jeans and a black singlet on.I opened the door and head straight for the bathroom to put on makeup,eyeliner and mascara and straighten my hair and tease a bit of it, (I don't really want to
over do it plus my hair is black you wouldn't notice that much) then once I finished doing everything I was ready for the gayest new year at this new school that I'm probably not going to like. I finally hear Brendan say
"Phoenix hurry up we are leaving now" I grab my bag and put on my blue and white high top shoes then ran out the door and in the car.
"I hope this school has pretty girls" said Brendan as he laughs.
"Pffft so you can break the're widdle hearts?Bweendan the heartbwayker.." I say back to him in a baby voice.When we got there Brendan parked up then we got out of the car to go to the office just to sign this stupid paper since we are new to this school.As we were walking,every person we walked passed seemed to stare and it was kinda freaking me out but I suppose that's what people do if there are "newbies". We get to the office and sign the paper then the office lady hands us our timetable,
"Well see you at lunch Phoenix,me and Sarah have the same classes together" said Brendan.
"yea okay" then I head for my first class which is English....
I walk to the class praying I'm the first so I can sit in the back corner of the class,I open the door and notice everyone all quiet and looking at me.
"Oh you must be Phoenix?" this Lady with blonde hair said.
"ummm yea" I replied back to her feeling all nervous.
"Oh good I'm Mrs Welding,well come and take a seat,everyone this is Phoenix" the entire class just looked at me and stared, I felt really nervous and didn't know where to sit so I headed straight to the back of the class not noticing who I sat by until I sat down.
"umm hi?" this reallly cute well I should actually say hot looking guy with black hair and greenish Grey eyes looked at me as if I wasn't supposed to sit there.
"Ooooo I guess I took someones seat I'll go sit somewhere else" I got up but then he said
"No!...I mean..nobody is sitting there so it's okay" I felt a bit confused but I sat back down.
"I'm Dillon by the way" as he slowly smiled at me.
"And I'm Phoenix it's nice to meet you Dillon"as I smiled back.We both started to get to know each other since we practically had the same classes together.
The bell rang for lunch so I was just about to head to the cafeteria to find Sarah and Brendan until I hear someone yelling out to me from behind.
"Hey Phoenix wait up!". As I turn around I see Dillon running towards me.
"Sorry! I didn't mean to just ditch you like that,I just thought you might of went to go hang out with your friends" I say to him.
"It's okay I told them that I was gonna show you around since your the new girl and all" he said as he smiled at me.
"Welllll I do need to find the cafeteria to see my sister and brother,would it be okay if you could take me?"
"sure thing!" he says then we start to head off to the cafeteria.
"WOW! this is a really big cafeteria with a lot of people in it" I say to him looking a bit surprised.We head over to get our lunch trays and get some lunch.I finally saw Brendan and Sarah all the way at the other end of the cafeteria,I was just about to yell out to them until I remembered.
"OH CRAP!" I said suddenly realizing what my brother and sister act like when I'm near boys let alone talking to one.
"umm hey Dillon?can we go eat outside?"
"Why? Whats up?" he says back to me so I quickly grab his arm and headed for the door.Once the coast was clear and I couldn't see them, I say to him
"Ummm well you know how I told you that I have a a brother and sister and that they are twins....?"
"mmmmhmm?"he replies
"Well I umm forgot to tell you something about them...something that I should have told you back in class"
"oookay? What is it then?" he said sounding curious
"Okay the thing is that they're both over protective of me being around boys,at my last school whenever a boy said hi to me my sister would go nuts at them asking why are they saying hi to me and told me that they just wanted to get into my pants and my brother would tell me to never go by any boy because they're sluts and stuff so yea they are both abiiiit over
the top when it comes to boys" I said in a steady voice trying to not freak him out about it.
"WOW! that's over the top, your 16 and they do this to you?" he says sounding shocked.
"Prreettyy much" I say back.
"Maybe if I just introduce myself to them and get to know them they might approve of me or something? Since we are practically friends now right?"
"Of course we are" I say with a huge smile on my face.
"And That could be an idea but I don't know, I'll talk to them tonight welll try to,but today I just don't want to be worried about it since it's my first day here" I say.
"Okay well enough about that,lets go find somewhere to sit down".
We head over to this big tree on the side of the field and eat and talk till the bell rang.I didn't realize we had quite a bit of stuff in common and he's the first boy I've actually ever talked to, he's also the type I can get along with and who can understand me plus really good looking and all but I don't like like him, he's more of a really good friend.The rest of the day went fast, then the last bell rang so I got up and told Dillon I'd see him tomorrow.
"Don't forget to talk to your brother and sister tonight" He said while grabbing his bag.
"Yea I will even though I really don't want to but I will" I say back to him then turn my head towards the door.
"Hey Phoenix whats your number to I can text you" I turn my head back towards him and give him my number.
"I'll text you tonight? so you can tell me what happens?"
"okay! well I got to go, my brother is probably getting annoyed waiting for me bye!" then I run out the door and head towards the parking lot.
"Where the hell were you today!? we were supposed to meet up with each other at lunch?" Sarah said.
"I was with a friend! Like you said you want me to meet new people right? well I did so can you drop it!" I really wasn't in the mood to hear her go on and on about me thinking I ditched them or something.
"Well lets just hurry up and go home" Brendan says as he opens his door.
"Fine with me" I say then Sarah was just about to say something to me but I quickly got in the car and shut the door.
"Phoenix I still haven't finished talking to you" Sarah said while getting in the front seat.
"Well what do you want to talk about?" I said.
"You should have just brung your friend over and introduced her to us then we wouldn't of been worried about you" I felt like laughing for a moment but then I said
"Look it's my first day plus I'm 16 not 5 so can you please just umm let it go?" then I hear my brother Brendan say
"We know you're not 5 but..." Before he could say anything else I cut him off
"But what? I never get to go out after school unless you guys are with me,I'm not even allowed to stay at a friends house for the weekend or so and I can't even talk to a single boy?You's haven't even given me a chance to do anything besides being with you's and study and if I'm not with you's, you guys tend to worry and think the worst?"
Once I bursted out saying what I really felt there was an awkward silence.Then my sister turned around to face me being all serious.
"Alright you can have that chance"
"WAIT! ..WHAT?" I said back to her with my eyes feeling like they were going to pop out of my head and my mouth wide open.Brendan pulls over to the side and stops the car.
"EXACTLY..WHAT? he says, shocked at what Sarah just said.
"Well she is 16 and I don't really want to say this but it's time for her to start doing stuff on her own instead of us just bossing her around"
"Sarah! what are you thinking!? she's just a kid!?"
"You do realize I can hear you two right?" I say to them.It was like they didn't even notice I was still in the car until they finally made up the're mind,so my brother turned towards me.
"Fine fine we won't be so much over protective of you BUT under one condition...If you stuff up,either heartbroken or you loose a friend or something don't come running to us okay?" I suddenly got this tingle in my gut and was freaking out but it felt like a load of weight just lifted off me.
"Okay! I promise I won't stuff up or whatever yuss! oh and since umm I'm allowed to do more stuff on my own and.. well umm you know how I was supposed to meet you's at lunch today and I said I was with a friend? well she is actually a he?" I tried to laugh it off which didn't really help.My brother looked soo mad and turned his head to start up the car and started driving again.
Sarah looked at me with her eyes wide open"Don't tell me! you like him!?"
"What? no! I mean yes I like him but not like as in have a crush on him or anything" Here I was thinking they actually meant what they said.
"Anyways I thought you said It's time I do things on my own?" as I folded my arms and raising an eyebrow.
"Well yea I know,we just have to get used to it okay? isn't that right Brendan?" she said while looking at him.He finally calmed down and agreed with her.After all that we were home.
Our parents come to see us once every 3rd week because they are always busy with work (which means they have to fly out to their job but they get a good pay).Anyway we don't mind since they take care of all the bills plus they put money into our account so we don't really have to worry about money.The two story house we live at is the house my Dad bought awhile back because this town was where he lived mostly all his life till he met my Mom and decided to move and then they had us, so he wanted it to be a surprise.And that's practically the story of how we came to Spring shore.I ran up stairs to my room,shut the door then jumped on my bed."Wow! today has been...how can I put this...exciting?" I said to myself.I get back up and decide to clean up my room and unpack some boxes since I still haven't unpacked all my things yet.Once I was done I looked at the time and didn't realize it took two hours just to do all that so I headed downstairs to get something to eat.My brother was in the living room watching TV while my sister was on the phone probably talking to one of the guys she used to flirt with at our old school,not that I really cared anyways.Once I had something to eat I went upstairs for a shower. I got out and got changed then I went to my room and went on the computer,basically to write about all the stuff that happened today.As I was nearly done I got a text from Dillon asking if I talked to them and I told him everything they said to me from after school to all the way back home.I told him I would see him at school tomorrow because I was tired, then I finished typing on the computer and went to bed wondering what will be in store for me tomorrow.

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