Dedication to some amazing people

Says it all in the title i want to say about my 10 best friends and how much i love them. Franziska, Lukas, Rosie, Jonathan, Katja, Lena, Daniel, Matt, Oskar, Alex

Have done top 3 shout outs will do rest later

Chapter 1

Top 3

Franziska- She is the most beautiful girl in the world, she models in her spare time and you can see it from how stunning she is. But probably unfairly is also one of the nicest girls i have ever met hands down. She has been so nice to me since the moment we met in year 8 when we went to secondary school together. I can remember first meeting her whilst getting lost together for an art lesson we had on the first day of school, and ever since then she has been someone who i have been very close to and she is someone i can always trust and is honest and a very good friend. I talk to her and probably take her for granted i am sure and she is my rock someone i can always rely on. Always someone who i can have a mad really fun time with and things are never boring when she is around she is in a large majority of my really fun memories and am sure will always be very close and carry on having the best times together.

Lukas- Wow what to say this boy is the biggest legend ever. He is so funny and always brings a smile to my face any time of the day. He is mad and fun and always has the best parties of course always getting quite drunk but what a lad. Met him when i was 11 and had just gone in to year 6. He was my first proper friend in Berlin and made me love this city so much in the way and made me never want to leave cause of the awesome friends i have. He is that boy who i have those awarkard conversation with that are so random and funny but nothing can ever be weird between us. He is my best guy friend and nothing could bring us apart. He is the type of friend that i can go round to his house or he comes to mine and we feel completely at home, the type of guy who can cheer me up without me telling him whats up and the special type of friend who will putter up with so much banter and just laughs. Such a great boy really nice and a total laugh.

Rosie- I have known her ever since i was born and was brought up with this girl and she is one of the people who i am so excited to be seeing in three days. Well it says lots about our friendship that 5 years of living in a different country to one another has not altered are friendship at all! She is still my best friend in the world and defiantly needs a shout out! I can remember all the great times growing up together all the time we went on holiday together and all the times she came over to mine and we had a really fun time. And of course that time in drew on her wall when i was 5 and still to this day her parents think it was her ops sorry about that. She is the one person who knows me better than i know myself and who i am totally comfortable around and totally gets me. She has the best sense of music ever and an awesome talent for gaming something that no other girl has. Love you and miss you everyday still 5 years on.

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