My Eyes are Full of Tears because of You

My Eyes are Full of Tears because of You

Harry's sister, Lilliana, has a secret. A secret that once her friends found out, her social life would be terminated. An outcast, that is what she would be. So this is Lily's biggest mistake.

Chapter 3

Car Ride

I ran down the stairs, trying not to look in pain from my tight skirt. "Finally, what took you so long? Ron and Hermione are already waiting in the car." Harry said grabbing my hand to lead me to the car. " making sure I had everything." I said. Harry gave me a strange look, but before I could say anything, we got to the car and Ron said, "There you guys are, Hermione was going on about the importance of Potions. Thank you for saving me from boredom." Harry chuckled and Hermione, who looked a bit irritated said, "Well even if it is boring you still need to know it!" I nodded in agreement. Soon Harry and Ron started to talk nonstop about Quidditch and Hermione and I discussed potions, because I actually cared about potions. It was my best subject, but then again, I am a slytherin, so that is expected.

"Are you ok Lily? You seem a bit feeling alright?" Hermione asked me with a worried tone. "I'm fine. Just a little nervous about starting classes again." I answered, folding my arms over my belly to make sure it was covered. She nodded than we stayed silent the rest of the way. Eventually we arrived at King's Cross and got onto the train.

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