My Eyes are Full of Tears because of You

My Eyes are Full of Tears because of You

Harry's sister, Lilliana, has a secret. A secret that once her friends found out, her social life would be terminated. An outcast, that is what she would be. So this is Lily's biggest mistake.

Chapter 2

A Year Before: End of Year Party

So here is exactly what happened from memory:

I was wearing a short, green dress. I was crying on one of the couches in our common room. Harry and I had been fighting again. He kept going on about me not understanding that I was "too young" and "too delicate" to get caught up with the Voldemort stuff. He was going to seek the Prophecy and he wouldn't let me come so I had to go to the stupid end of year party in my common room. He brought Neville for god sakes! I could've been more effective, but no. So anyways, I was crying and sitting on the couch when Malfoy sat down next to me and said, "Why so sad Potter? Found out your more stupid than Weasley?" "Go away Malfoy! And leave Weas ---- I mean Ron alone." I said turning my head around. Last thing I wanted to do was deal with Malfoy. He's such a git. "Now Potter, don't be so mean, I'm prefect you know." He said. "What do you want then? Not in the mood to talk to you, Malfoy." I snapped. "I just thought you needed some cheering up, that's all. It is almost the last day of school, so I figured I could be nice to you....for now." He said smirking. I looked at him disgusted. What was he playing at? He then said, "I'll get us a couple of butterbeers and you can tell me all about your little problem." He got up and walked towards the refreshments table, so I couldn't reject. I sighed. Why does he care if I am a bit depressed.

He came back and handed me a butterbeer. I told him all about Harry, Ron, and Hermione and the fact they treated me like some weakling. He actually seemed like he cared. Around 10pm, Malfoy and I consumed at least seven butterbeers each. "Don't listen to what Potter says, your one of the most powerful witches I know." Malfoy said. He started to stroke my hair. I, being pretty much drunk, giggled and enjoyed it. I had stopped crying about an hour earlier.

He kissed me softly on the lips. I than let out a small giggle. I kissed him back. Eventually Malfoy lead me into a broom closet and we started snogging like crazy. I swear, I don't think I came up for air too often. Eventually Malfoy reached behind my back and unzipped my dress. I kissed him even more. I then unbuttoned his shirt. Within a few minutes we were only in our underwear. Soon he was on top of me on the closet's floor. After a while I must have passed out, and I woke up the next morning with an awful hangover.

Malfoy was gone, and I had my clothes on...just backwards. My hair was a mess and I felt sick. I couldn't remember much of what happened after that but I soon regained my memory of that night within a month. I stumbled out of the closet and headed for my dorm. Luckily their was no one in there. I got changed, did my hair, and stayed in my room with my awful hangover. After that I, nor Malfoy, ever mentioned that night. I started recognizing pregnancy signs when summer first started. Harry hasn't noticed, but soon enough, I believe he will.

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