Jordan and her fat

this is a story about jordan and her lots and lots of fat.

Chapter 1

the beginning

Jordan was mostly a normal 13 year old girl, she liked boys, and she hated school,except for the fact that she was morbidly obese. She weighed at least 490 pounds. She got stuck in all of the doors and chairs.Finally the school just made XXL chairs and doorways.Now you'd think that there would be a voice in her head saying
"hey! you're really fat! You should lose some weight!!!" but no,she actually liked,no LOVED being fat. And it all started when she was a little girl.
When she was just five her parents saw that she wasn't eating a lot. They took her to the doctor and he said that the parents should give her some high fat foods so she could eat more and gain some weight.Her parents did just that,they took her to every fast food resturant known to man! She quickly learned that food was good, really good.Every day she would eat mounds of food untill she couldn't take it any more! She gained weight lots of weight very quickly.She was always the fattest kid in her class. Untill one day.
A new girl came named Lori , she was only a couple of pounds heavier than her. They quickly became friends. Every Tuesday,Thursday and Friday they went to each others houses and stuffed as much food as they could into ther faces.They had tons of fun with each other, untill one summer.
Lori's parents thought that she was too fat and sent her to a fat camp over the summer. When she came back from fat camp she was a beautiful, skinny 13 year old girl. Jordan absolutly hated it.
"how could you do this to me?"
"what being skinny?"
"Yeah, now your all skinny and stuck-up!"
"oh really? if i'm so stuck-up then we shouldn't be friends!"
"fine! i never want to see your face again!"
That was the last word she said to Lori.She never made any more new friends,she didn't want to make the same mistake she had with Lori.Now she just sits at home eating anything she could get her hands on.She gained 100 pounds and she couldn't get up without help. she had a special made wheel chair and bed.Now shes still gaining and she still loves being obese.


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