To be Wanted {Hogwarts love story}*

Chapter 1

boarding the train

When I was nine years old my parents had enough of the strange happenings that I caused, they shipped me off to my loony Aunt Aubrey. She thought she was a witch and carried a wand with her, after my parents left she did actual spells, like not hocus pocus but, making dishes clean themselves, and other things like that! I could no longer deny her witchiness, and knew she didn't think she's a witch but knew she was one. She taught me what she could about controling my powers a bit so when I got angry things wouldn't explode and what not, trust me this comes in handy! Well I learned to except magic into my life and learned that since my mom was a squib, a magicless child from a magic family, that my grandparents tried to make sure she never knew about the wizarding world and succeeded. Aunt Aubrey admited they were suprised that I was a witch. Well after a year, magic was as easy to beleive in as air and sunshine. I read in the papers about a boy my age defeating the 'Dark Lord' Voldemort when the boy was still a baby, his name is Harry Potter, and I felt sorry that he lost his parents.
I dreamt of going to Beauxbatons, I never really trusted men, not since I was eight.
When I turned eleven I got a letter from Beauxbatons, I was accepted! I packed my things and within a month, was on a train to the hidden paradise.
It was glamorous! The palace like school had it all! Though to be honest, it was more about glamour then anything else, which got boring quick, I still loved it though.
By my third year I was popular, and loved by all. But then it happened. It was almost time to start school again when aunty got in trouble with the ministry and the only way to get them to let her go was that I'd take time off to make sure she didn't do any bad any more... she accidentally used a charm on a muggle, non magical person, and you know how wizards and witches aren't suppoesed to expose magic? Well, she kinda did, and now I have to kinda babysit her, or check up on her every now and then.
Well because of my checking up on Aunty, I had to go to a closer school so my timing wouldn be okay for me and for her. So I transferred to Hogwarts and here I am, waiting for Aunty to stop apologizing and let me get on the train.
"I'm so sorry Calista! I didn't mean to! I know how much attending Beauxbaton meant to you!" she said.
"It's alright Aunt Aub, I got over it. Sure, it means I can't talk to my friends or have the luxeries the palace offered but, I'm over it, it's cool," I said, she gentally smiled and gave me one last hug as she kissed my cheek and said goodbye. I grabbed my baggage and Luxy, my pet bat.
I was out of Aunty's sight when a tall blonde haired boy came up to me, behind him was a pug- faced girl and two chubby boys.
"My names Draco Malfoy. I couldn't help but, hear you're from Beauxbatons?" said the blonde boy, Malfoy, "By the way, what's your name?"
"Yes. Well I was. The name's Calista Riley. What's it to you?" I asked.
"Well, somebody like you should make the right friends and not with the wrong riff raff like them" he nodded his head towards a family of red heads, a mom and dad, three sons, and a daughter. I gentally smiled, yearning to have what those kids have, actual parents and maybe even siblings.
"Like I was saying, make friends with the wrong people, your going to have to settle with being a loser but, make a good desicion and be my friend, you got yourself a table with the cool kids," he said, I rolled my eyes. He held out his arm, expecting me to take it.
"I'm not a feeble minded child, I can socialize and make my own friends on my own," I said. He glowered and then repositioned his posture.
"Very well but, when you come around my offer will still stand," he said with a wink and walked away. I rolled my eyes again and looked back at the red headed family, they were now joined by a black haired fellow who looked to be about my age... and from pictures I've seen... ah yes, this must be harry Potter, honestly I aspire to brave like him.
I turned away and finally got on the train. I found an empty compartment and made myself comfortable enough. I was staring out the window when I heard the door open.
"Hey, all the other compartments are busy, may we sit with you?" it was one of the red headed children, and behind him was Harry Potter.
"Oh. Yeah, sure," I said, sitting myself up right and sat in the proper posture of a lady like I was taught. Soon we were talking as if we were old friends meeting up again.

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