Mine (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

oh, just to let you guys know, when the txt is bold, that means that they just did that (does that make sense?) like when sigh is bolded, then that means that the person just sighed.

Chapter 1

Episode 1

Episode 1! I really hope you guys will enjoy this series! Here's the episode:
(Jo's POV)
Radio Announcer: Call in now! 1-800-555-5555 (A/N: It's not a real number so don;t call it haha) and get your free Justin Bieber front row tickets and backstage passes!
Me and my little sister both took out our phones and dialed the number. The sound of the rings made me more anxious with every second that passed by. I looked over at my sister and she had her phone closed on her lap & she was close to crying. I felt sorry for her; she was really looking forward to winning these tickets since we couldn't afford them right now. Right when I was about to go over there and comfort her, someone answered the phone
Me: surprised hello?!
Radio Announcer: Hello lucky young lady! You have just won 2 front row tickets and backstage passes to go see Justin Bieber live in concert! What's your name?
I was too shocked to speak. My throat was dry when I spoke
Me: um, I'm Grace Josephina Adams, but I go by Jo!
Radio Announcer: Well Jo, your dreams just came true to meet Justin Bieber, have a face to face conversation with him, and maybe even mess up his hair! laughs how do you feel?
Me; smiling I couldn't be happier! My sister is thrilled!
I looked over at her and she was jumping up and down in happiness
Radio Announcer: well I'm happy for you both! I hope you have an awesome time at the concert!
Me: thank you! Bye!
Radio Announcer: bye
Once I hung up, my sister, Sydney, screamed her lungs out
Me: Syd, calm down! laughs
Sydney: I'm sorry! I'm just so excited!
Me: smiles and I'm happy for you!
Then we hugged. In the middle of our hug, the door flung open
Rob: panicked I heard screaming! Are you girls okay?!
Behind him was Mary with the same panicked expression
Me: Rob! Mary! It's okay! I just won tickets & backstage passes to a Justin Bieber concert and Sydney screamed with excitement laughs
Mary: calms down oh. Well that's great honey! hugs me and Sydney at the same time
Rob: smiles warmly yeah. That's wonderful!
Me: smiling thanks. Now that you know everything is okay, you can go back to doing what you were doing before you ran up here laughs
Mary: goodness gracious! I still have a pot full of soup burning on the stove! runs downstairs
Rob: rolls his eyes and laughs Oh, Mary closes the door behind him & goes downstairs
I smiled. I'm so lucky to have such caring foster parents. I mean, after my real parents, I'm just lucky to have any foster parents at all. A minute after that, the radio guy called again to get my address to that he can send the tickets & backstage passes to me. Sydney couldn't stop smiling, and that warmed my heart. I'd do anything to make her happy. I guess I'm just really thankful to have her as a sister. This is gonna be awesome :]
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