Why Does Everyone Think He's So Amazing? (A Taylor Lautner Love Story)

Why Does Everyone Think He's So Amazing? (A Taylor Lautner Love Story)

Hey guys!! This is my 4TH story! i'm so excited. well i have a lot of ideas so i hope you enjoy! more stories to come!

Name:Phoenix Russell
Size: 5'7, 120 pounds, skinny, great curves
Relation:Boo Boo Stewart's cousin
Home: Seattle, WA
Personality: Extremely outgoing, strong, smart,can have bit of temper, not afraid to stand up for herself.
(look like girl in pic)

Chapter 1


"Mom, why do I have to go?" I asked, as I dropped my suit case at the bottom of the stairs. "Because, you need a break from it here. Put your bags in the car." she ordered me. My parents were forcing me to go and live with my cousin, Boo Boo, for the summer. I was totally siked to see him, but he's famous now. I bet he won't even remeber me. And now I have to go to LA.

I picked my bag up of the floor and carried it out to the old blue pick-up. My dad came around from the cab and grabbed the bag from me, as I was about to hoist it into the back. "This will be good for you." he said, simply and looked deep into my eyes. I looked away and walked back towards the front door. I pondered their descion to send me away as I walked up to my room. I reviewed my whole school year.

Okay, well maybe I got in a fight, or 2, or maybe 3. But no one was killed, or seriously injured. My hands balled into fist as I thought about Celine. My friends had to hold me back. "One hit! C'mon! I know you hate her to!" I yelled at them as ther slowly pulled me away.

"Phoenix! Time to go!" my mom shouted up the stairs, disturbing my memory. I laughed slightly and stood up, taking one more look around before I left for the summer. I sighed and walked down the stairs. I looked at what I was wearing.(http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=2615022) Just a hoody and skinny jeans, the usual.

"Lets get this over with." I murmured wo myself as I jumped in the passenger side of the car. My dad stepped in the drivers side an dmy mom came around to my window. I cranked it down so that she could speak. "Be good, Phoenix. Make sure you listen to whatever adult is in charge." she said, carassing my cheek in the palm of her hand, tears welling up in her eyes. "Mom, it's only for the summer. Chill." I said, and she laughed slightly. "I know, pumpkin. Just, make good choices." she said, and walked away.

Well that was weird. I cranked the window back up as it begain to rain. My dad pulled out and I looked around one last time. I had said goodbye to my friends the day before so no one was here. I sighed again. I got a quick glance from my dad but then he quickly returned his wandering eyes to the road.

When we pulled up to the airport, all I could see were people running around, trying ot get to the place they need to be. We grabbed my 2 bags from the back (yes there was a cover) and walked to baggage. After we had my baggage checked in, we went to wait for me to board the plane. Not one word was spoken. When the speaker cam eon and tole me it was time to go. I smiled once at my dad and began to walk away. I'm not really one for showing my feelings. I glnaced back at him and saw tears glistening in his eyes. I ran back towards him and wrapped my arms around him.

He returned the embrace and kissed the top of my head. "Be good kiddo." he said, and released me. I looked back one more time at the door of the plane, tears blurring my vision. I waved and boarded the plane, finding my seat, and falling asleep.

How was that? comment plz so i can know how im doing!

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