Heart of Ice... With a Beat? ** Gaara & Sasuke Love **

Heart of Ice... With a Beat? ** Gaara & Sasuke Love **

Well I'm new on here and this is my first story to if it is sucky please forgive me. I've written this on a different web site though. Also I could use some pointers and I hope you like it.

Also I love anime lol just putting that out there :)

Chapter 1

A New Mission and Old Memories

by: Amaia
Avaya Uchiha (Not Sasuke's sister)

14 almost 15

September 14 (When story starts it is November 20)
the other people are all 14 or 15 at least the kids are.

Icy blue and always look as if calculating next move even if she's daydreaming.
When using sharingan they change to a dark blue violet with the normal swirls in them.

To shoulder blades and a dark auburn (red brown) color. It is straight with a slight wave and cut to slant to the side. Shortest part touches eyes and shortest part touches nose.
When training it's up in a pony tail but otherwise down.

Reaches Gaara's nose and is tone in the middle.
Has a good figure and kinda fragile looking build (But not at all fragile).

White bandages go up right arm and around neck stopping below her chin.

They also go over her right hand like Lee's (fingers/ thumb showing).

Other bandages go from below the chest down to bottom of the stomach covering all of her tattoos.

She wears a loose dark blue tank top over bandages and goes down to her hips, but doesn't show anything.

Black shorts that go to knees.

A waist pack holding weapons, food pills, extra bandages ex... (Bandages are water proof.)

Her shoes are like Naruto's. She has two hidden knives in the inside of the shirt on each hip hidden by shirt.

Curse Tattoos:
A tattoo of a bloomed black rose on her upper arm. Thorn-vines go from the tattoo down her arm to hand where there's another smaller black rose that's not bloomed.

Thorn vines also go up shoulder, and wrap around her neck.
On her stomach was a wolf head howling in black. Swirls go from both sides around waist and meet in mid back.

She has the demon Nyx who is a girl wolf demon that can shape shift into a beautiful young girl. That was until she got sealed into Avaya.
Nyx is solid black, and has wings. She used to be Shukaku's, Gaara's Demon's, girlfriend. That was until; again, she got sealed inside Avaya. Nyx and Shukaku still have a strong bond though.

If Avaya wants she can bring the demon out as a giant wolf, but the only thing Nyx can do is talk like a human, and choose from three different sizes which she wants to be:

1. Normal wolf size.

2. Two sizes bigger then a normal wolf.

3. The size of a house.

Nyx also has to listen to Avaya, but they hardly have a problem with fighting. Nyx has a soft spot for Avaya. Which Nyx thinks is sad, because she hates thinking she's getting soft.

Mother's Heritage:
From the Fire village. Met and fell in love with Shenoga Uchiha.

Father's Heritage:
From Uchiha Clan met and fell in love with Kimi Nuka. Then they moved back to her village.

Mother, Kimi, and father, Shenoga. She didn't have any brothers or sisters.

Mother and father died when the whole village was killed by the Akatski. Itachi saved her because she was so powerful. More on that later, though.

Like mother can control fire, and weave it into a protective fabric. Almost nothing can get through it, and it is totally fire proof. Fire doesn't hurt her anyways.

Can also heal with the fire it burns though.

Like father can use sharingan.

Like wolf demon has black wings, and has a seductive singing voice.

She is very good at hand to hand combat.

Very fast and quiet like a wolf.

She also can transform into a black wolf with violet fire around paws. It doesn't burn anything unless she wants it to.

The wolf in two times the size of a normal one.

Taste of the Story:

The rough bark dug into my back but I could care less as I sat high up in the tree watching the hard rain reduce to a drizzle then a mist. The canopy of leaves stopped most of the rain from touching me. Thinking about my latest mission almost made me laugh in bitter denial. Honestly it was a perfect punishment for someone like me. Someone who has taken lives like taking a cookie from a cookie jar.

The only friend I have ever known was now my target, my next 'assignment'. He was my best friend and now I had to kill him.

Ever sense I joined the stupid Akatski after Itachi demolished my entire village and saved little old me I've become a cold hearted killer. Kill or be killed by either the target, the people out to kill me for killing their loved ones or Itachi after disobeying orders. I chose to kill so many times that it now seems impossible to choose something else.

I had joined back when I was 7 but I remember it so clearly that it seems like I’m simply looking through a piece of glass. Not endless years of red.

** Flash Back **

"Avaya come to Mommy!" My mother's strained and worried voice reached my little ears and I automatically looked the way the voice came from. I had been watching a boy in a black coat with red clouds kill an old man with my innocent, confused eyes. The old man died slowly and I knew he was dead when a violet fire engulfed his body. That's what happens to anyone who dies in my village.

My mother held out her arms and I ran towards her as fast as my short legs could carry me. Once near her she scoops me up and begins running with me all but slung over her shoulder. Screams filled the air as the night seemed to grow only darker. A thick cloud of pain, anguish, and fear seemed to hang over the village.

All of this was lost on me then, though. Confusion was the only thing I felt as a house to our left was overtaken by black flames so hot I could feel it from twenty feet away. Mommy ran straight by it heading towards our home "Mommy... What's going on?" I asked.

I wasn't watching her but instead I was watching the tangible shadows I saw running over the roof tops and hearing the screams that seemed to follow everywhere they went. Instead of answering Mommy cooed "Shhh.... Honey it will all be o-Ahhhh!!!!!"

Mommy jarred to a stop falling forward as if hit by something hard from behind. Her arms flailed out dropping me to roll a few feet away from her. Lying on her stomach Mommy reached for me and I got up on my knees crawling towards her across the dirt not understanding why she suddenly fell.

Once I grasped her outstretched hand she squeezed mine weakly. Her hand felt cold. "Don't lose your warm heart. My daughter, don't listen to what other people say. Your tattoos make who you are." Then with that it was as if I could feel her life slip away from her hand in mine. I actually felt her heart stop beating through her wrist.

The knowledge that she was actually gone hit me a moment later making me drop her hand. It hit the ground with an inaudible 'thud'. Running her over with my eyes I finally noticed the kuni sticking out of her back. With timid, shaky hands I pulled it out sitting it aside hating the feel of the weapon in my hands.

Then, almost afraid to touch her, I shook her body. "Mommy....." Nothing "Mommy! Wake up!! Please!!! Mommy!!!!!"
Tears slid down my grubby cheeks and a sob escaped. My nose started running. Then violet fire engulfed her, burning her to nothing. I watched suddenly numb. Once the fire dispersed all that was left was her dagger. The dagger was untouched by the flames. Picking up the beautiful, but deadly weapon I examined it as I had down millions of times before.

The blade was black, and had small flower vines engraved going around it to the tip. The handle was a pure gold. The handle was round like any other kuni handle until the end. This spread out thick at first so it wouldn't slip out of your hand, but then thinned. It looked like fire flames.

Sniffing I stood on shaky legs that threatened to collapse under me but I didn't because almost as suddenly as I had cried I felt angry. Pulling out my fake wooden dagger from its pouch on my hip I tossed it aside and replaced it with my mother's dagger: Galaxy.

Taking a deep breath I shouted pointing where my mother had been "WHO DID THIS?!?!?!?!?!??!" No one answered but I felt eyes from the shadows on me so I continued "WHO KILLED HER?!!!!!!!!!!"

Then a shadow moved and stepped into the moonlight. "I did child..."
There stood a boy or maybe a teenager. Not who I expected. He had coal black hair and equally black eyes. His hair was up in a pony and he was wearing a black coat with red clouds like all the others. "What do you plan to do about it?" The boy asked in an emotionless voice.

Instead of answering I pulled out the dagger and ran at him with it. Easily he blocked me. One hand held my forehead and the other disarmed me. His hand was firm like stone on my forehead. Then he shoved me back using a little chakra to propel me through the air. I crashed down hard, sliding a bit. Sitting up I felt hopeless tears cloud my vision as the pain seeped into my subconscious and the adrenaline seeped out.

"Is that all?" The boy asked in the same voice.

"No...." I crocked forcing myself to stand. I formed a fire fist and went at him again. This time when he went to block me I ducked and almost touched him cutting his coat but he caught me twisting my arm behind my back so far it burned as the bones and muscles protested. I shrieked in fright and pain.

Then he shoved me to my knees whispering in my ear "You're dead..." But then he stopped noticing my tattoos. Grunting he released me and I fell to the ground.

Flipping over I begged "Please don't kill me. I don't want to die! Please....." All the while I scooted back away from him and his cold black eyes that followed my every movement.

"You don't huh?" He asked. Shaking my head he went on "Then I'll give you a chance but you have to do what I say."

** End of Flashback **

My hand went to my throat where the bandages hid my own curse mark. The rest was history. The offer Itachi gave was that either I let him put a seal on me that put me under his bidding or he would kill me. Of course being so young I wanted the seal. Now if I could go back I wasn't so sure which I would choose.
The seal was on my neck the other side from the rose but it clashed angrily with the tattoo of my village.

With the curse mark he gave me I had to follow every single one of Itachi's orders and if I went against them I felt a pain so horrible it made me want to puke, cry, or commit suicide but of course he would never let me do the third option. Anyway the only semi loophole I have found was to stall.

I could come up with reasons why I didn't or couldn't do the mission right then. Itachi knew I did it but he didn't stop me. He let me have my little freedom as long as I did the mission eventually.

Itachi's words of my latest mission ran through my head "Get close to Gaara by whatever means necessary. You were once his friend so this should be easy. Once you're close enough kill him and get his demon."

With I sigh I opened my eyes taking in the dark, night sky and lack of rain. Then I stand jumping down from the tree landing just inside the Sand Village gates. Taking note of the tree I noticed the swing at the base and realized it was the same swing Gaara and I used to play at.

Smiling slightly I turn around and walk deeper into the village; towards Gaara's house. "This should be a warm reunion." I mumble sarcastically.

(Me: I hope you liked it. Sorry if the paragraphs are screwed I tried. Sasuke and Gaara will be in soon I promise. :D )


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