12/21/10- My first day

This is the first day of my journey... I am so excited that I totally pigged out! Please read below for details and if you want to know more about me and what I am doing, go to my profile and read about me!

Chapter 1

12/21/10: My first day

Okay, so I totally pigged out today!

Breakfast: Half a box of Frosted Flakes

Mid-morning snack: Large McDonald's Vanilla Milkshake

Lunch: Big Mac, a large Coke and medium fries (the mcdonalds people will be wondering soon why I am there so often!)

Snack: Half a Pringles can

Dinner: 2 cans of root beer, 4 pieces of pizza, 2 klondikes

Midnight snack: Bag of microwave popcorn

The amounts will get bigger as I gain more, but for now this is it! And of course, in between eating, I am sitting on my now growing butt doing stuff! Gosh, I sure stuffed myself today! I am sooo full and I feel like a pig, but it was so much fun eating anything I want! And just think, I will be able to do this for another few weeks! I will weigh myself when I wake up tomorrow, maybe I will be a few pounds heavier? This is soo cool, I have never been more than 105 pounds, so having a big belly, butt and being squishy is going to feel so different! By the way, this morning I weighed 101 pounds, but remember this is my first day! :) Oh, and PLEASE comment!


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