Painless Love (Emmett Cullen)

Hey peoples! So's this is my first of five new stories. I made a quiz with all the info about the characters to each new story so if you haven't taken it please do. It will help you understand the story better and why the characters act the way they do. Hope you you LOVE this.

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p.s. bella, edward, nessie, and alice are still juniors and the rest of the Cullen/Hale are seniors. This starts 20 years after Breaking Dawn.

Chapter 1

Forks Washington

"We're almost there." my aunt Susan spoke softly from the driver's seat. "Ok." I spoke just as softly. I could feel my aunt's excitement. She promises we'll be able to stay in this place longer than the others. I doubt it though. It's always the same, everywhere we go the Volturi end up finding us. You see the Volturi want to use me as a secret weapon because I'm special. You see I'm a hybrid. For those of you who don't know what a hybrid is, it is a person who is half-vampire half-human. No we are not created we are born. I was born 6 years ago. My parents were great people. My dad met my mom when she was still human but after I was born she had to be turned into a vampire like my dad. The reason I say they were great people is because they are both dead now. It was THEIR fault, those dreadful Volturi. If it weren't for them I would have a happy NORMAL family. You see the Volturi didn't just kill my parents, they experimented on me as well. It was horrible. I still have nightmares about it. I refused to tell my aunt everything that went on there. When they were experimenting on me, though, something went wrong. For that reason my thirst, instead of being easily controlled, is almost completely uncontrolable. I have to have blood at least 6 times a day just to maintain it. You see, hybrids are supposed to be able to live almost normal lives. Normal meaning almost completely human-like. Not needing much blood to be able to sustain themselves. Also unlike normal hybrids, I'm faster, stronger, and my senses are more inhanced because of the experimentations. "We're here!" my aunt chimed excitedly. "Huh?" was all I said. "You were thinking about it again." she stated. I just nodded. "Oh hunny! Don't worry.I won't allow them or anyone else to harm you ever again." She cooed while hugging me. I finally took a look at our surroundings. In front of us was a nice sized, 2 story, house surrounded by forest. I saw a balcony hanging off the side of the house. My aunt saw what I was looking at and said "That's your room." pointing toward the room with the balcony."Really?" I asked excitedly, a huge smile displayed upon my lips. She nodded her head happily with a smile of her own. "Yay!" I squealed, jumping up and down. "It's already furnished. You can go see it if you'd like." she spoke over my squeals of delight. But before I could dash off to my new room my aunt grabbed my shoulder and said "I have something to show you first." as she led me toward the garage. When we got there I noticed a lime-green porsche in the center. My eyes widdened as Aunt Susan exclaimed "That's yours!" I was completely speechless and I believe I heard Susan mutter something like "That's a first." which caused me to frown but was soon replaced with a huge smile again as I danced merrily toward the porsche....I mean MY porsche. I then danced back over toward Aunt Susan, giving her a humongous hug, chanting "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" over and over. She smiled and answered with "I'm glad you like it." I squealed happily again before dashing off toward my new room. The bedroom was....WOW! I mean no words known to man could describe how perfect it was. A bookshelf placed against the far left wall,my books, DVDs, and videogames stashed neatly within it; a 42" flat screen TV hanging on the wall close to the bookshelf with a DVD player and all my gamestations placed neatly under in a black TV stand; a desk on the far right with a light purple lamp, a brand new laptop with it's own personal purple and green swirly skin, my i-pod touch and cellphone gently place on top. In the very center of the room was a purple, canopy-style king-sized bed with white and green sheets and pillows. The walls, like my car, were painted a lime-green color. If you haven't guessed it by now, my favorite colors are purple and green. OH-MY-GOSH, I totally forgot to mention the closet. It's huge! Well I guess it has to be though to fit all my clothes. My clothes range from skinny jeans to skirts, from t-shirts to tanktops to blouses, and from high heels to converses to ballet flats. There was also a dresser in the closet to put my pjs and undergarments in. Ok so enough about my most awesomely amazingly fantastic room and back to what's happening now. Aunt Susan walked into the room with a smile on her face seeing me sprawled out across my bed. She giggled and said "Am I to suppose you like your room?" I lifted my head slightly and nodded ferviously with a guffy grin plastered on my face as a reply which caused her to laugh harder. "Good. Now come downstairs. You look thirsty." I didn't move nor reply so she continued "Please come down. You can also have a can of rootbeer if you'd like." to which I dashed out the door, down the stairs,and into the kitchen. That's another thing, because of the experimentations I can not eat human food like most hybrids, although I can drink human drinks like: Soda, water, milk, and juice. I waited patiently while Aunt Susan made a cup of blood and got out a can of rootbeer. That's something else too. You see my aunt supplies me with the blood instead of me going hunting for it myself. Not once in my life have I hunted. Aunt Susan says she wants to keep me as human as she possibly can. And to all those humans out there just know you can sleep peacefully at night because it's animal blood. My aunt and I are vegetarian vampires so: NO HUMAN BLOOD ALLOWED! I drank the glass rapidly before grabbing the rootbeer and chugging it down. When I was done my aunt filled me in on a little information she "forgot" to mention earlier. "You'll be going to school tomorrow morning." before I could start complaining and trying to worm my way out of this she stated "No complaining. I figured since you've stopped growing you would be just fine. Besides I already enrolled you and I even got your schedule." while handing the schedule to me. She then started explaining everything."You'll be posing as a Junior/Senior.I informed the school that up until now you had been homeschooled and you have finished all but your junior math. They said if you are able to pass all of the required senior classes plus your junior math you may graduate with this years seniors." After the explanation was over, I finally took a look at my schedule

Name: Olivia Lee Whitlock Grade:11/12
Homerome: Room 310 Ms.Miller
1st Hour: Honors Trigonometry Room 414 Mr. Myers
2nd Hour: Honors English 12 Room 311 Mrs. Jones
3rd Hour: Honors Civic/Government 12 Room 320 Mr. Wright
4th Hour: Economics Room 219 Ms. Jackson
5th Hour: Physical Education Room-Gym Coach Bradley
6th Hour: Honors Human Anatomy and Physiology Room 211 Mrs. Williams
7th Hour: Study Hall Room-Library Ms. Quesada
8th hour: Study Hall Room-Library Ms. Quesada

After I finished reading, Aunt Susan also gave me a paper that had my locker number and combination on it. She also gave me some kind of slip. Before I could ask, she was already answering my yet to be spoken question. "I took the liberty in going ahead and getting that so you will only have to go in the office only once. I figured you'll probably be thinking you've been tortured enough by the end of the day and the office is quite small." I thanked her before starting to head to my room. "Oh and Liv." she called making me stop in my tracks. "Yes?" I replied. "I'm going for a little hunt. I'll be back before you wake you." "Ok." was my only reply as I started up the stairs again.That night I fell into a peaceful dreamless sleep.~Meanwhile at the Cullen Household~ "Ugh! Everything is all blurry!" exlaimed a confused little Alice."What can you see?"asked her husband, Jasper, quite alarmed.In all his years of being with Alice, he has only known of the mutts down at La Push that she can't see and that is only when they are near. There were no mutts close by, so what could be doing this to his beloved? "All I can see is some kind of figure. It looks like a girl. She's here,with us. It seems she's sitting on Emmett's lap and we all seem to be happy, I think." Emmett then jumped into the conversation. "What is she? She can't be one of those mutts. I wouldn't dare be happy with one of them." This made the whole Cullen family extremely confused. It was quite an unsettling predicament."Have any of you considered the fact that she could be like Nessie?" asked Edward as he, Bella,and Nessie walked into the room.~Next Morning~ I woke up bright and early, to my displeasure. Like Aunt Susan had said the night before, she had come home before I woke up. It amazes me sometimes at how accurate her visions are. I got dressed in a pair of skinny jeans and a white t-shirt with the rebel flag on it. I had showered the night before so that was one thing I didn't have to worry about. I then proceeded to put a little bit of make-up on. Just some eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow (Green of course). i got my green converses and danced down the stairs. "Someone seems excited to be starting school today." Aunt Susan replied cheerily. This caused me to frown. I plopped down onto one of the chairs hearing my aunt chuckle at my dismay. "Here's you a cup of blood and a thermous filled with blood for school if you need it." "Thanks." I said chugging the blood. I then jumped up kissed Aunt Susan on the cheek and dashed out the door with my bag,purse and keys in hand. I arrived at the school in no time at all considering I like to drive extremely fast. I parked next to a silver volvo that was also beside a hummer and cut the engine to my new baby. There were already so many people here, just hanging out with their friends until it was time for school. I could hear them talking as I got out. Lots of them turned toward my direction, though I was silently pleading they wouldn't. But you know teenagers, they never do what you want them to. As soon as they saw me looking they turned away,most going back to their previous conversations, but there were a few who decided to talk about the new girl a.k.a. me. I decided that before any of them decided to come near I would go ahead inside and try to find my locker to get the books I need for now out and look for my homeroom. I found the room as soon as the bell rang which meant I had to go in with the other students. I handed Ms. Miller the slip I had to get signed and she told me I could sit anywhere I'd like. I decided on one of the seats in the back since there weren't many people in the room. Soon the bell rang signaling for us to go to our 1st hour classes. I got up and, as quickly as what is considered appropriate human speed, dashed to my 1st class. When I got there, the teacher was just starting to take attendance. I gracefully walked over to the teacher, handing him my slip to be signed. Once he signed it he told me to sit between a miss Cullen and a miss Swan, to which I tilted my head in confusion. Seeing my confusion he called out "Alice and Bella please raise your hand." They did and I, again, gracefully walked over toward my seat. As soon as I sat down I was bombarded by what looked like a pixie. Do pixies even exist? I guess I'll have to look into that later. "Hi! I'm Alice and this is Bella! I love your outfit! Want to be friends? You should sit with us at lunch." I swear I nearly jumped completely out of my seat with all the hyperness she had. "Alice chill. You're going to give the girl a heart attack if you don't calm down." Bella stated. "Sorry." Alice said sadly with a pout. "It's fine. I just wasn't expecting that so no worries." I said with a shake of my head, dismissing the whole thing. "Oh and hi I'm Olivia but usually I go by Liv or Lee. It's nice to meet you both. I guess we could be friends. And to your last question, I don't know." "Come on Olive, it will be fine. I swear we don't bite.Please please please sit with us!" I gave her a questioning look to the new nickname. I couldn't say no, no matter how much I wanted to, after she gave me 'The LOOK'. Soon class was over and it was time for me to go to Honors English 12. I bid farewell to Alice and Bella before skipping out the room. In this class I was told to sit next to a Mr.Cullen. He pointed me in the right direction and like before I skipped gracefully to my seat. As soon as I sat down I was greeted.This time it was a calmer greeting. "Hi my name's Derek Cullen." I didn't answer, I just looked at him slightly dazed. After a few minutes he asked "Is something wrong?" I came out of my daze and finally answered. " I mean it's just...are you by chance related to Alice Cullen?" The only response I got was a hearty chuckle. I tilted my head completely confused as to what was so funny. He stopped finally and replied "Yeah she's amazing isn't she." It was my turn to giggle now. "Yeah she's something alright. Nearly gave me a heart attack earlier. By the way, the name's Olivia. I usually go by Liv or Lee but apparently Alice thinks I should be called Olive." This made him laugh even more. "You mean she wants to name you after a vegetable?" "Yeah...." I trailed off with a heavy sigh. "So is Alice your only sister or are there even more crazies that I need to know about?" I asked changing the subject away from my unusual new nickname. "No there's more. We're all adopted..." he trailed off as I gave a little giggle. "What?" he asked completely confused. "Nothing." I stated quickly, trying to avoid the conversation of the supernatural. "Whatever you say shorty." he replied with a laugh to which I pouted at. "I am NOT short!" I voiced defensively. "But you're like...what....3 feet?" "No! I'm 5 feet." I argued. "Oh...riight....5 feet. Yeah that's sooo tall!" Derek stated sarcasticly. I pouted, turned around face forward in my seat, and completely ignored him for the rest of the class time. As soon as class was over, I quickly got up, ignoring Derek, and waltzed out the door. Unfortunately he quickly caught up to me. 'Stupid legitament human speed. If all these humans weren't around, I'd have easily outran him.' I thought angrily to myself. "So where to now Shorty?" he asked easily keeping pace with me. "How many times do I have to tell you, I AM NOT SHORT!" I growled angrily. "Whoa! Down kitty. I was just messing with you." he exclaimed with his hands up defensively. "I just wanted to know what class you had now." I mumbled incoherantly under my breath. Derek laughed quietly beside me hearing exactly what I was mumbling. "I have Honors Civic/Government 12 in Room 320 with Mr. Wright." I stated quietly, now slightly ahead. "Well, so do I. So I'll walk you there." I just nodded. We walked in silence the whole way to the classroom, though a couple of times Derek TRIED to make a conversation with me. "So the silent treatmeant, huh?" Silence "Would you talk to me if I were to apologize?" Silence "Liv, I'm deeply sorry I made fun of your hight." He pleaded sincerely. I chuckled quietly before saying cheerily "You're completely forgiven." before skipping happily into the classroom. I was told, again, to sit next to Derek.Morning classes continued to go by smoothly and it was soon time for lunch. I was met outside my 4th hour Economics class by Alice. I silently questioned how she could have known what class I was in but I said nothing. We skipped merrily toward the cafeteria. While Alice placed several different items on her tray , I decided just to humor the humans into thinking I was eating, and get a salad. Alice then led me toward the table that her 'Family' sat at. "Hey sh...." Derek started as we approached the table, but I shot him a look that clearly meant "Don't you dare say it." which made him quickly change his greeting to "Hey Liv!" The bronze haired dude, that I have yet to meet, started laughing for some strange reason but he tried to cover it up with a pretend cough. I just shook my head and rolled my eyes thinking 'He has got to be an idiot to think anyone would be stupid enough to believe the cough covered laugh.' He then hissed in my direction. 'Ahh...' I thought realizing he was reading my mind. I childishly stuck my tongue out at him. "Real mature..." I heard him mutter. I smiled before gracefully sitting down between Alice and a really hot looking guy. Bronzy laughed again. I guess he finds it funny I find this guy attractive. He continued to laugh so I decided to play around with his emotions a little bit. I first made him really depressed and then extremely 'Happy' if you know what I mean. Then I decided I would make him feel angry, lonely, and then depressed again. When I was finished I looked at everyones reaction to Bronzy's little 'episode'. They were all extremely dumbfounded to what was wrong with him. He growled angrily at the guy next to Alice who, for some odd reason, looked exactly like a picture I saw of my great great great grandfather. I placed my hand slightly over my mouth and chuckled triumphantly. This caused Bronzy to glare in my direction and hissed "It was you!" I pointed to myself with a cute little innocent look plastered on my face. I tilted my head slightly to make my confusion appear more real. "Yes, you!" he hissed again. My facial expression became saddened. "Y-You d-don't e-e-even kn-know m-m-me. W-Why w-w-would you s-say s-something s-so h-h-hurtful? I h-haven't d-done any-anything to y-y-you." I stuttered out, faking that I was really upset. Alice hugged my trembling body as I pretended to cry on her shoulder. I peered out of the corner of my eye and saw the guy that was sitting next to Alice shake his head in a disapproving kind of way but he was also laughing under his breathe, probably from my AWESOME acting skills. "'s alright sweety. Edward's sorry for accusing you." Alice cooed and in a threatening tone said "Right Edward?" He nodded his head quickly, stating "I'm very sorry I accused you." My head automatically snapped up from Alice's shoulder and perkily sang "You're forgiven Eddie!" The whole table, of which I have yet to be properly introduced to burst out in laughter but Edward started muttering obsenities under his breathe. "Edward!" I stated shocked "Nobody wants to know what you think of Mike's mother!". This caused the whole table of people, I repeat 'Have not been properly introduced to', to burst out in laughter again. "Girl's got skills!" The attractive looking guy applauded. "If you don't watch yourself, I might just 'accidently' let slip to a certain someone what you think of them." Eddie whispered menicingly. "Stop calling me that!" Eddie demanded. "What?" I asked confused before muttering toward the really attractive dude, 'that if anyone is listening I would gladly like to know his name' "Looks like someone forgot to take their medication this morning." He burst out laughing and Eddie glared at us both. I just smiled innocently at him in return. I tilted my head in confusion toward Eddie hoping he would get that I wanted to know everyone's names.He smirked mysteriously at me saying "I'll tell you only if you quit calling me Eddie." I gave an exasperated sigh muttering "Fine..." Everyone was looking curiously between us. "What's going on?"


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