Over You

Over You

New story! It's not about someone falling in love with famous people or their friends just a normal story(= enjoy=)

P.S I know she is suppose to look like Nicki Minaj

Chapter 1

Introducing Janessa

Hello my name is Janessa Lae Riley, but call me Jane or Anne call me Janessa or Nessa i WILL beat you til your a bloody plup. I can be very sweet and nice or a B**ch but its your choice by which side you choose to get on. I am moody, I get headaches really fast and when i'm sick if you even talk to me no matter what i flip out. Not on purpose tho! It's just that i'm very 'emotional', Im the girl you hear about and wanna meet. but to my friends im just crazy and wouldnt change a thing while my parents want to change everything. I do crazy things keep it away from the paparazzi so my family doesnt get a bad reputation. I've seen it all heard it all and expirenced pretty much everything. My parents are movie star's my older brother Kayden James Riley is a singer and my younger brother Gavin Amori is an actor to. Me? Well i could be both 'cause i can sing and act, but i perfer to be the rebel and do whatever i damnn well please. My parents hate me, Kayden protects me and Gavin is just there. My parents say im what went wrong in the family. I wish i could be innocent im not gonna lie i want to make my parents proud but i cant. Ever since my parents had Gavin when I was 2 I've hated them. After he was born Him and Kayden got all the attention, they ignored me. The kids at school dont pay attention to me. Im so glad to, only my friends do, They've seen the way my parents talk to me and treat me, and lost all the respect for them. I have a boyfriend, he isnt the best guy in the world but i love him. Kayden and everybody hates him though. I dont know why, they say he abuses me but they dont get why he does it! He does it to put me in place when i get out of hand, and I understand it, they dont. I try to explain all the time but they wont listen.

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