Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 17

part 17 !!!!!! yayyyyyyy , be forwarned that we will get back to the draco adriana romance soon just now

Chapter 1

The Winter Ball

by: kinewnew
Hermione hadn’t talked to Ron for the last couple of days, it was kind of depressing. I’ve been hanging with Blaise secretly; he wanted to wait till the ball to come out in the open with everybody. Every move he made reminded me of Draco. Which I would have to be spending my time with at his house after the Ball. I wasn’t looking forward to it, and I knew I would have to talk to him, but I just wasn’t ready for all that. I walked into defense of the dark arts and saw that Harry wasn’t there yet, but Hermione and Ron both were. Except they were sitting at separate sides of the room. I bet harry did this on purpose, so I took a seat by Ron. “Hey, Adriana,” Ron said gloomily. “Hi Ron, how’s Lavender?” I asked him. “She’s mad, she won’t stop snogging me,” Ron said. Just then Harry walked in, he looked exceptionally pleased when he sat by Hermione. Draco came in a few minutes later; he looked the same way he does every day: tired and worn out. He suddenly turned to look at me, and our eyes locked. There was a sense of hope and … love in them. I was lost in them for a brief moment, but I quickly turned my head and looked at Ron, who was giving me a confused look. “Adriana, you’re acting weirder than Hermione. Speaking of Hermione, do you know why she’s mad at me?” he asked hopefully. “Well Ron, if you don’t know, then I don’t know either,” I told him. I got another confused look from him, but I just ignored it. The class ended a bit early today since the 5th, 6th, and 7th years had to get ready for the Christmas ball. Hermione and I were getting ready in our dormitories. “Hermione, I never asked you who you were going with,” I said pulling my dress over my head. “Oh, I’m going with Cormac Mclaggen.” She said trying hard not to look me in the eye. “Are you serious, he’s such a prat,” I said disgusted. “True, but he seemed like the only guy that would tick Ron off the most,” she told me. I smiled, “I wonder who Harry is taking? Do you know?” I asked her. She shook her head and shrugged. I finished getting ready, and Hermione was done at about the same time. She walked out the bathroom, “wow, Hermione you look beautiful, but what happened to your pink dress?” I asked her. She was wearing a emerald green ankle length dress. With silver shoes, green earrings. And her hair was pinned up with a curly piece coming down in the back. “no, Adriana, you truly look amazing, and now that Ron is taken, I needed something sexier to wear. And I could ask you the same question” she said. “Well now that I’m not seeing Malfoy anymore, I want to wear something that Blaise would like.” I told her we just stood there taking each other in. I was wearing a black knee length dress, silver heels, diamond studs, and the necklace my mother gave me before she died. My hair was curly and down. We decided we would walk to the great hall together. So as we approached the stairs, I felt Hermione stiffen up a bit. “Nervous? Don’t be Hermione its going to be alright,” I assured her. We both took deep breaths and walked down the stairs, everyone in the room gasped. As I was walking down I scanned the room for Blaise, but I found Draco instead. I didn’t expect him to be there, but once I saw him, I couldn’t see anyone but him. I tried to tell myself to look somewhere else, and forget about him. But I just couldn’t do that. He looked too handsome in his dressing robes. I guess Draco could sense my eyes on him, because he turned to look at me and we locked eyes for the second time that day. He looked at me, and his expression seemed a bit hurt, I wanted to go up to him right now, and comfort him, hold him in my arms. Which led me to wonder who he brought here with him, but when pansy walked up to him and put her arms around him, my thoughts were confirmed. And I looked away and searched the room for Blaise, I spotted him and he looked very hot in his dressing robes too. He walked up to me smiling and took me in his arms. I heard more gasps escape from the room again. “You’re the most beautiful girl in here you know,” he whispered in my ear and broke away. “Yes everyone, Adriana and I are the first interhouse couple,” he said proudly. I turned to look at Draco and any hurt he had in his eyes before was gone now. He was glaring at us with so much hatred in his eyes that it actually hurt to look at him for too long. Blaise took my hand and led me to the dance floor. The first song coincidently was a slow romantic song. I linked my arms around Blaise’s neck and he put his arms on hips. I was looking him in the eye and smiled, I was starting to like Blaise a lot, every time we touched, wasn’t as bad as the first time. He smiled at me and leaned towards my face. I closed my eyes and reached on my tip toes until I felt my lips meet his. His lips were warm and soft and it felt amazing. I lost myself in him. But my thoughts had immediately gone back to Draco, and I broke away. He smiled down at me and I guiltily smiled back at him. Thankfully the song changed to weird sisters’ song and our bodies were no longer touching and I decided to get off the dance floor. I started look at the scene around me, Hermione was dancing with Cormac, Ron was snogging Lavender, of course, and Harry, who by the way come with Luna, was standing alone in the corner. I started to walk towards Harry, but I felt a pair of arms pull me to the side. I turned around and saw that it was Malfoy. I didn’t say anything, and for a moment we just stood there looking at each other. “Was there a specific reason that you pulled me over here?” I asked him. “Yes there is, Adriana what are you doing her with Zabini? Don’t you realize that the only reason he is here with you is because he wants to take advantage of you.” Draco told me nervously. “Malfoy what are you talking about, he’s really sweet, and he isn’t be suspicious all the time.” I told him, starting to get mad. “No Adriana he just wants to have a way with you, and then he’s going to dumb you to side. I mean why wouldn’t he, you’re the most beautiful girl in here tonight.” He said. “Oh so you mean sort of like the stuff that you do, Blaise isn’t like you Draco. You experiment on girls, he doesn’t.” I told him. “Listen Smith, I demand you stop speaking with Zabini right now,” he yelled. Thankfully the music was loud so I don’t think anyone else heard him. “I will not, you are not my keeper Malfoy, I’m going to keep seeing him and you are not going to stop me. Now if you’d please leave me alone, that would be great,” I screamed right back at him. He looks at me angrily, but he just sighed and left the room. I walked away, a little hurt, and sad. But Draco needed to hear those words. I didn’t see him the rest of the night, nor did I see Harry for that matter. He must have gotten tired. Hermione didn’t seem happy, and Ron looked like his lips were going to fall off. When the Christmas ball was over Blaise had walked me back to the Gryffindor entrance. “Tonight, was amazing. I think every boy in there was jealous of me,” he told me. “You think, and why might that be,” I asked him. “Because I had the most Beautifullest girl with me.” he told me softly and took my face in his hand s and kissed me. It was as good as the first. But as soon as his lips touched mine, again, the only face I could see was Draco’s. He pulled away first after a while, and I smiled. He gave me a peck o the forehead and walked away. I went in through the portrait and straight to the dorm. I saw that Hermione was sleep so I went straight to bed also.


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