a year with the malfoys a draco malfoy love story

a year with the malfoys a draco malfoy love story

this is similar too the other but different your half vampire a deatheater like your dad moms dead not fallowing books or films hope you like it
dirty in some chapters :P

rhianna lewis
best freind bellatrix
personality evil,slutty,funnny,flirty
7 year off hogwarts when you go back

Chapter 1

your such a slut thank you man whore!!

I got out my carriage my dad following i strutted too the malfoy mansion in my black corset dress (pic) and black heals my curly hair was pinned in a bun sideish sort off fringe pinned with a clip and curly wringlets at the side of my head i walked straight in "lucis,narcissa?" my farther called from behind me they both stepped out and draco started walking down the stairs "leon!" they both said "well look at you ria gorgeourse as usual!" lucis said i smiled "congratulations on becoming a death eater and a well respected one too he who should not be named has said many great things about you!" he said i smirked draco was at the bottom step now "may i see?" lucis asked i put out my arm letting my dark mark show i could hide and show it when i wanted. mine had green snakes running through it that moved and voldermorts initials in the skull showing his level off respect for me "gergous just beautiful" he said i smirked my very evil smirk "may i see dracos?" my father asked draco smirked and held out his arm showing he had green snakes running through it but no initials i glared at him he smirked draco had always been my rival if we didn't have a pack as death eaters he would be dead right now!."draco take ria too her room and stop being so loud up there blaises laugh is going right through me!" narssica said "oh course mother" i scoffed "stop sucking up draco god your a death eater for goodness sake really!" i shouted everyone respected me including olders but they did the same too draco but since i was half vampire and leathful when mad or really annoyed then its best too steer clear everyone was scared off me!.everyone laughed and draco rolled his eyes i used my speed too go too dracos room where i saw blaise "hey handsome!" i said "umm look it is my doing it buddie" he said coming closer too me he started sucking my neck and draco walked in "urgh god im right here" he said sitting on the setea "so shut up im enjoying myself!" i snapped blaise sucked harder and i moaned "your such a ! sometimes!" he said "and your a man ! but youve totally ruined my mood so..!" i grabbed blaises hair pulled back his head and sank my fangs into him he yelped and i threw him by draco blood was running down my chin and my eyes were black "your such a buzz kill draco!" i said i left his room too go too mine.

fast forward

i had a shower and my hair automatically turned into a million wringlets i put on my black victorias secret underwear tight black thin strapped top and black short shorts i was totally bored so i thought i would go have fun with draco i walked into his room he wernt there but i heard the shower running so i lay on his bed half sitting up half laying down one leg straight one bent.draco walked out in boxers and jumped back a step "god ria!" he said "what?" i said innocently he rolled his eyes i stared at his perfect body god it was so mouth watering umm! he literally looked like he was carved out off stone."like what you see?" he asked "very much you look really yummy" i said smirking he smirked back "in a lustful way? or a blood way?" he asked i shrugged "both mostly the lust" i said he smirked. "what are you doing in here anyway?" he asked walking towards me "i got bored and bored and really bored" i said smirking he shook his head and climbed on top off me hoovering over me while i ran one polished perfect fake nailed silver and black patterned fingernail over dracos body he shivered delectly i looked at him and he smirked and then started kissing my neck then sucking i moaned he started sucking on my shoulders then looked up i groaned "why have you stopped?" i asked "theres like 9 different hickeys here!" he said i shrugged "so!!" i said "are they from all different people?" he asked "yeah i got hungry on the way here and damn one did give me a ride why?" i asked smirking "urgh your such a !" he said "ha and your not idiot its ok ill just call flint! and since youve really tixked me off" i said letting my eyes go back "crap!" he muttered i flipped over one leg on either side off his hips i kissed his neck and lightly grazed his neck with my teeth he shivered "im not gonna to bite you but if you tick me off again during my stay here which is all god damn year thanks too harry potter (explain later) then i will serouisly make you suffer" i said kissing his neck then getting off him and going too my room i was still bored so i thought i would call my bestfreind "bellatrix" i said "oh bellatrix" i heard quiet giggling "come on bellatrix im bored!" more giggling "bellatrix" i said "right here" i turned too face my bed and she was lying across it.


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