Life with the Sonic gang

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Chapter 1

Rouge Goes Too Far

Hi. I'm Robyn. I'm a midnight blue hedgehog with some black. I've lived with the Sonic gang ever since I was little. It can be fun and it can be really dramatic here.
Today we were all just hanging out. Nothing special was going on. Sonic was just trying to get rid of Amy. Blaze was listening to Silver being his annoying self. All normal stuff. I don't really know where I belong here. I like being here and all, I just don't know where I fit in here. Blaze is nice. But most of the time she's with Silver. Amy's kinda nice but really annoying. Knuckles has problems. I wish Rouge would just jump off a cliff!!!! Knuckles is the only one who likes her. I like Shadow. He's really the normal one here. I like Sonic and all, but Shadow's different. I don't really know Manic much. Vector is, well, Vector. Tails is so sweet! Just like Shadow he's normal. I hope to find where I fit in here soon.
Knuckles and Rouge. Those are the people I want TO JUMP OFF A CLIFF!!!! Rouge is so mean. She makes little mean comments at everybody. Somehow she hates me most of all. She hates me FOR NO REASON!!! Today she called me ugly! She went too far today. It's time to fight fire with fire.

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