My Life as a Vampire (Twilight Fans!!) :D

My Life as a Vampire (Twilight Fans!!) :D

I'm SUCH a fan of The Twilight Saga! I write books, diaries, and other stuff too! ALL about Twilight! But go easy on me.....I'm only 12. :) BREAKING DAWN SPOILER, IF YOU HAVEN'T READ BREAKING DAWN!!!!!!

<3 Emily Hale <3

Chapter 1

Crimson Colored Walls

All I could see was red. I blinked, and sat up. The walls, floor, ceiling, and bed I was laying on, was red.- Where am I? - I thought.I saw the door, and ran for it. But I realized I was chained to the bed. "HELP!!!!!" I screamed, now nervous. There was a note next to me, and I picked it up with my free hand.
"Dear Ms. Cramer,
We have held you captive because of the torture you have been through with your family. 6:00 PM, you will be let out. You will be free. There is a key in the room, if you wat to get out early. Good luck, and the key is near you so you can reach it. Good luck."
I started seaching. I squeezed my hand underneath the crack in the bed. I felt a solid,and took out what I had. A key. I pushed it into the hand lock, and then relesed my feet. I got up, and looked at the clock. 5:45 PM it said. 25 minutes. I looked for something else that might help me but saw nothing. I got on the bed, and saw next to the bed was my favorite book. Breaking Dawn. I saw a paper sticking out of a page and flipped open the book and saw what it said."It was bewildering." I said, reading the first sentence. Chapter 19: Burning. It said. Then I read the note. " The agony you will go through......." it said. I put the book down, and looked at the clock again. 5:58 PM. I layed back on th bed, and closed my eyes. The door opened, and I shot up. A young boy with black short hair, and a black cloak, came in. "Hello. I'm Alec. You must go see the master before I can let you go. Follow me." he said, and turned around. I got up, and ran to him, walking behind him.

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