The Crow and The Butterfly ( A Damon Salvatore Love story)

Hey so Im starting A new Series about A girl Named Athena Lynn Harlow and a Boy Damon Slavatore who fall in love. Tell me what you think about it :) Leave some comments :)

Chapter 1

I don't even know you!

"God Nancy just shut your mouth!" My dad screamed at mom like he does every morning at 6:00 a.m.

"Im sorry Mike, I'll clean it up." My mom apolgized to my father like she always does.

Its nothing new... This fighting has been going on every since I was born. My dad has always had anger issues and they have just gotten worse with age. My mom is so sweet and kind... she doesnt have the courage to stand up to him. With these two around I dont even need an alarm clock.

Getting up out of bed I walked into the bathroom and started my shower. Changing out of my pajams I stepped into the shower and washed my hair. "I am not ready for school to start." I said to myself. Moving from Detriot hasnt been the best part of my life. I have no friends, no social life nothing in this lame town Mystic Falls. Getting out of the shower I wrapped my hair in a towel and threw on my purple robe. Walking into my room I opened my closet and sighed at the lack of choices I had to where. Pushing back clothes, I stopped and remember I bought a new outfit right before I left Detorit! I put on my dark wash Skinny jeans with my Black uggs, black pea coat, pink scarf and white berete.

Walking back into the Bathroom I glanced up at clock. 7:15 I had 45 minutes until school starts. I decided to curl my hair in tight riglets. I put on my make-up, only some eyeliner and mascara I like to keep it natural. Grabbing my school bag I headed down stairs to see my mom cleaning up a spilled beer bottle while my dad was critizing her on it. Looking up at me he marched over quickly and pushed me up aganist the wall pushing his arm across my neck. Dropping my bag I tried pushing him off of me, Im a 5'7 seventeen year old girl, I dont stand a chance aganist him.

"Where are you going" He nearly shouted into my face.

"Umm school, where else would I be going at 7:30 in the morning?" I answered back. Pushing his arm harder I lifted up my hand to try hitting his arm. In mid swing he grabbed my arm and hit it aganist the wall.

"Mike, maybe we should just let her go to school." My mom suggested. Walking over to here I grabbed my car keys and bag and ran out the door. Getting in my Chevy cruze I set my bag in the back and started the car. Backing out I could hear my dad yelling in the house. Quickly driving away from the house I headed towards the high school. After 4 miles I pulled around a corner to see a big sign saying "Welcome to Robert E Lee High School" Driving into the parking lot I found a parking spot and stopped my car. Grabbing my bag I got out and locked my car.

"Whos the new girl?" I heard some girl ask.

"I dont know but what in the he/ll is she wearing?" I heard her friend laugh.

"Bit/ch/es" I mumbled to myself. Walking into the main building I managed to find the main office. "Hi, Im Athena Harlow, Im new here and I was wondering if could get my sechdule and paperwork?"

"Well first off welcome to Mystic Falls! Im Mrs. Johnson I pretty much run the office." She laughed. "Anyways heres your sechdule and I will take care of the paper work. Your first class in English with Mr. Davis." She said looking down at my paper.

"Thank you." I added before walking out the door. Looking at my school map I checked to see where my class was. Glancing up I ran into a girl and what looked like her boyfriend. "Oh gosh im sorry" I said putting out my hand "I'm Athena."

"Im Elena and this Is Stefan." She gestured towards him.

"Nice to meet you, so um could you help me Im completely lost." I laughed.

"I would love to help a lady in distress." Said a stranger who took my sechdule. He had very dark hair, light blue eyes, and a slight smirk on his face.

"This" Stefan said "Is my brother Damon Salvatore."

"The one and only." He added with a chuckle at the end.

"Umm thats my sechdule." I said snatching it from his hand. This guy is really full of himself.

"Dont mind him, he was just leaving." Elena said waling towards me facing her back to Damon. "Lets see... English with Mr. Davis awsome! You have that class with me.

"and me." Damon butted in.

"Isnt that just the icing on the cake." I said rolling my eyes. Looking over To Stefan he gave Elena a sweet kiss before going to his class.

"Shall we?" Elena smiled. Following next her she told me all about the town and the school. Walking into the classroom we took 3 seats in the back. Damon behind me and Elena to my left. "Welcome to a new year class!" he said happily. The class groaned but some were happy to respond back with actul words.

"This is going to be so fun!" Damon said rudely.

"Shhh!" I sushed to him. He laughed and was fianlly quite.

"So class I want you to write a short essay about yourself, what you like to do, things about you all that good stuff, It will be do on Friday." He finished. Grabbing a piece of paper from my bag and pencil I started to write. "My name is Athena..."

Half way through my paper I took off my jacket and set it on the back of my chair. I could hear damon leaning up in his chair because of that tacky leather jacket.

"What are all those bruises from?" He asked. Quickly looking down on my arm I forgot about the brusies from my dad this morning. Putting my arm in my lap I quickly said "nothing." The bell rang and I put on my jacket and walked out of the classroom to wait for Elena.

"Ready to go?" She asked looking at me then Damon.

Damon was staring at me, like he was trying to figure out something. Walking ahead of Elena she met up with Stefan. Turning around Damon was right behind me.

"What do you want?" I asked being short.

"Why wont you tell me what those bruises are from? He asked seriously.

"Theres nothing to tell." I said turning back around. Before I could he grabbed my shoulder and spun me back around towards him. "what?" I asked him getting more annyoed.

"Why are you so reluctant to tell me?" He asked

"Because... I dont even know you!" I shouted throwing my hands up in the air. Walking away I didnt look back. I can already tell that this year is going to be terrible.

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