The Marauders Face Their Fears

Okay, one day I got bored and started writing! I didn't include Peter 'cause he's mean. They are in their 4th year! Anyway, Character info for Kate Potter! (James' twin sister, Harry's aunt!)
Age:14. Height: SHORT! Eyes: Hazel. Hair: Brown. Reason Harry didn't stay with her: She was also killed by Voldemort, personally.

Chapter 1

The Library

He gulped and confessed, “I am deathly afraid of . . . squirrels.” They all laughed at Sirius Black’s worst fear. “Hey! They are vicious! What are your worst fears? Mmmm?” That shut them up. Lily was the first to pipe up, “Ummm, well I guess my worst fear is heights.” Kate laughed replying, “I LOVE heights! They are fun and awesome!” “Well you think so because your short and heights make you feel better!” Lily snapped back surprising all of us. She was never the on to snap or be mean, her fear must make her touchy. Kate sighed, “I guess you guys wanna know my fears, well I have 3. Fear no. 1, Boats, I mean, they might sink! Fear no. 2, Puppets, they could come alive and they just creep me out! Fear no. 3, the worst one is Small Spaces.” The table in which James Potter, Sirius Black, Lily Evans, Kate Potter, James’ twin sister, and Remus Lupin were sitting, “studying” for the Potions quiz that was tomorrow erupted in uncontrollable laughter. When they finally settled down James said, “But you’re tiny! The only good thing about that are small spaces! You’re small!” “I get it! I get it! The only good thing about being small was taken away from me!” (Dramatic sigh) “Goodiness, what is your worst fear, James?” Kate replied. The table looked at James excitedly. “Umm well, I guess it would be being buried alive! It’s freaky!” “Hahahahahhahaha!” Was the one and only reply he got from the table of friends. “Remus, fess up!!!!” Kate shouted at the boy who was attempting to hide behind an upside down book titled The Great Potioneers of the 19th Century. “My worst fear is is. . . . Oh, you guys are just gonna make fun of me!” “No we won’t!! Why would we? How could we?” Everyone else replied. “Well my worst fear is hurting someone” Everyone was quiet. That was the end of the conversation for James had quickly turned towards the topic of Quidditch and who would win the cup. They all replied fiercely that of course Gryffindor would win! They were all on the team, except Lily. Kate was Seeker, James, Sirius, and Remus were Chasers. Severus Snape, hiding under a nearby table, smiled. He had heard all he needed to. All he wanted was to take the Marauders down, for weeks he had looked for weaknesses and it had been handed to him on a silver platter. First he would do the easiest one, Sirius. It was just a squirrel, easy to get! Lily would also be easy. She would be the next victim. Then James will be buried alive, safely of course or else Dumbledore would suspect and expel him. After that, Remus. That might be a challenge for Severus. Hurting someone . . . well that will be done in a while, Severus will think about it when the time came. Finally, Kate. That was going to be tough! She was sarcastic and she could beat him up. Thankfully, he would have 3 tries with her. And he decided to do it in the Great Hall, one Marauder a morning, in front of everyone. Severus smiled bearing his yellow teeth with greasy black hair falling from where he was hiding in the library.

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