story by Reiley (Streaked_Out) and Roos (Roos-Cullen)
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Chapter 1

chapter 1 (made by Reiley who was too lazy to upload it himself :P)

by: iRoos
I knew it was icing outside, the freezing cold. In my eyes that held fatality, it seems somewhat blissful. In my heart that held hollow, was stuffed with snow. And that blank scenery seemed to open my mind, my mind which lost itself to a bunch of passing thoughts. My whole self, I felt numb and my hair was surely ice. But I cuffed my hands toward my mouth and I breathed warm breaths. Shiver. Still, I stayed outside. I rested on the cement porch with walls surrounding me. So I told myself, don’t die. You’ve got a home and some people don’t and you’ve got a lot where as some people do not. I rested my cheek in my hand, and I cried to myself without a scream of violence. This pain will pass, and I’ll be able to smile again, hopefully. Then I realized that my hope, dreams and all that people think worth saving committed suicide. Ran off and left me.

“Chasse! Get inside! It’s cold and what the fvck are you wearing?” Not that I wasn’t wearing anything...I was wearing something. Get that thought out of your head, now. “Why the hell are you wearing shorts? Are you stupid?”

I wanted to get up a hurl a knife and shout. You’re not supposed to be using the monsters in my closet an excuse to making loud banging moaning sounds in the room next door. I wanted to fall into an avalanche like they would understand. The fvcking horror made clowns stab themselves.

“Okay?” That was all I managed to say. I was expected to say more, just I was hesitant.

“Come inside.”


“No Chasse, I tell you what to do and you don’t ‘wait’, you do it!”

As I trailed inside, I felt a hit in the back of my head. It made me turn backwards and I just gave my uncle a look that said everything that he didn’t want to hear. Oh well, if I was damaged on the instead it wouldn’t hurt to kill me through my vision. I didn’t care, and who did. Shut the door. Walked up stairs to get my stuff, change and head for school. I wanted to shout hooray, though I knew he was going to ask me why I was so happy. I would say, no reason, of course. Smile, for no reason of course and cry for no reason, of course.

“Like some people...” My friends voiced trailed off.

Blank. My mind was blank. I pushed my friend forward and he nearly tripped but he laughs at the most weirdest situations. Like when the teacher tells a joke and there’s silence, and he’s the first one to laugh sarcastically. Everyone laughs afterwards.

“Kidding, you know.” He paused and knocked me on my shoulder. “Just kidding.”

I haven’t even recalled what he said, but whatever. The bell rang, and I got to class. A little late, but teachers didn’t care because they were late themselves.

I ran into a girl on the way to class, she dropped all her books and hit my foot. It hurt like hell.

“I’m sorry.” She picked up her books and left. Though, later I realized that she was in my class. A new girl, I didn’t recognize her and she was speaking to the teacher. So I guessed, and everyone guessed the same. She sat in the far back of the class and I guess her last name ended in Z or something like that. I could already tell that people didn’t think highly of her, though looked down at her. The way she dressed and the way she spoke was different, she crossed her legs while she sat and kept looking downwards while walking. And that kind of reminded me that I did the same, and I realized how stupid I looked. Though, it was in my nature. And I couldn’t help it. The bell rang at the end off class.

And my friend, he poked me. I turned back at him, and he smiled. “What are you looking at?”

“At you.”

“No, liar, don’t lie. I might have to hurt you.”

It what I was looking at, of course. How could I have given you all that detail if I wasn’t?

“Do you want to invite her to sit with us at lunch? The girls just keep staring and I think if we let her sit with us, we’ll be her friend. And then links, she’ll make new friends which will be our friends. And you know...” Andrei seemed hyped at this and I bet he would cry if I disappointed him. He smiled too; he only did that three times a week.

“What a plan.”

He nodded and tossed on over sized hood as if he was gangster. His lower jeans with a jagged belt made him look like a dude that needed so much space. I leaned on his shoulder and laughed in his ear just for fun and he just told me to shut up.


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