Silly life with Draco Malfoy

Silly life with Draco Malfoy

you're just a simple girl who meets Draco, a person who will change your life completely.

Hope this will be read by all of you...

Name: Sapphire West

Chapter 2

Hogwarts Express

by: Chocolla
"Miss Steph, wake up! it's time for you to get ready." Cupper said. Our house-elf.
"OK." you muttered. Today is your trip to Hogwarts. Your first year will be coming very soon.

You got up, took a shower and prepared yourself for travel. it will be a long way to use the car so you decided to take the floo powder instead.

"Saph! Breakfast is ready!" your mother called. "I'll be there mom!" you replied. You did the finishing touches needed. You applied powder on your face and a little bit of lip gloss and eye liner.

You walked down the mansion and proceeded to the Dining Area. "What took you so long Saph?" your father asked. "Well, I don't want me to look a scarecrow at the express and in my first day of school, right?" you replied. Your parents burst into laughter when I said that. "Yeah right." Your father cried.

"Have you decided on what transportation to take to arrive at Hogwarts Express early?" your mom asked. "Well, yeah. I'll be using the Floo network to arrive there." you replied. Very eager to finish the meal and arrive at the Platform 9 and 3/4 early, you didn't talk much while eating that made your parents curious.

"Saph, get ready, we will leave at 2 minutes." your mother reminded you. you climbed back toy your bedroom to find an owl pecking your window. You let it and found a letter in its feet. You took it off to see to whom it is addressed then it said:

To the beautiful girl i saw at the Diagon Alley last 2 weeks. Ms Sapphire West.

There's no indication who it came from but you have a clue on who its is... "Saph!" your mom called. "Yes mom!" you replied. You put the letter inside your pocket , got your trunk and your owl, Emerald then set off for the chimney.

"Ready?" your father asked. "Yeah!" you grabbed a handful of Floo powder and shouted: London's Express!. Then shattered the powder to your chimney. A s;ight feeling of exhaustion filled your body after the travel. you looked around to see if anyone saw you appeared there, fortunately, no one saw you. You stepped out of the chimney and waited for your parents to appear.

While waiting, you slipped out the letter given to you this morning and read it.

I'll meet you in the compartment D at the Hogwarts Express... be there...

"What? Just a short note? nothing Important." you said aggressively. You heard two cracks. Your parents just apparated to meet you near the chimney. "Off we go!" said your father excitedly. You three walked towards a wall. "OK. you just have to cross that wall and you will be there. alright?" your mom said pointing at the wall in front of you. "Right. so bye Mom and Dad. "ll be seeing you in the holidays."you kissed and greeted them goodbye. You ran into the wall that led you to a noisy surrounding which a train and Wizards are all over the place.

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