Silly life with Draco Malfoy

Silly life with Draco Malfoy

you're just a simple girl who meets Draco, a person who will change your life completely.

Hope this will be read by all of you...

Name: Sapphire West

Chapter 11

Home Sweet Home...

by: Chocolla
It was been very hard to convince Narcissa about me and Draco going to a vacation at my house, but because of Draco, Pops and Mom's charm and intelligence we made it through. Now I am back at my warm house where I grew up and found my first experiences in life.

"You okay?" Draco asked holding my hand.

"Hmm? Oh, yeah." I stammered. I've been very excited about this that I seem to forget that this is my kingdom so I shouldn't be afraid.

As soon as I stepped on our lawn I felt at home immediately. My very, very warm home is here in front of me... again. I want to jump and run and play but I remembered that I should be elegant enough for my age. I walked inside and I saw Cupper preparing the dining pavilion at the garden happily.

"Cupper!" I called as I ran toward the garden. She looked up and smiled hugely filling his two large eyes with happiness.

"Ms. Sapphire! Welcome home." she called as she ran toward me. We hugged each other and smiled happily.

"I missed you, Cupper. I really, really missed you." I said grinning happily. Cupper was the one who took great care of me when I was a baby. Mom was so sick back then because of suffering too much pain from giving birth to a new pureblood witch. Based on the fact that any pureblood witch that will give birth to a new pureblood will only be long for five months--Four months earlier than the normal Muggle woman-- so every day that will pass you will suffer from pain of extracting every muscle for the baby to come out normal and safe.

"I also missed you mistress!" Cupper exclaimed wiping her big green eyes. I giggled and stood up. "What's wrong, my mistress?" she asked suddenly looking up to me. "I've got someone to introduce to you, Cupper!" I replied leading her towards Draco.

"Cupper, this is-- ugh-- my-- ugh--" I stammered. I still don't know how to call Draco for now.

"Fiancée" He said, circling his arms around my waist.

"Master Draco is your Fiancée, my mistress?" Cupper asked curiously.

"Well, yeah." I smiled. But it seems that Cupper didn't like to hear the news.

"It's alright, Cupper. I know that he will never slay you to death, right Draco?" I said, glaring at Draco.

"Probably." He replied. I glared at him more fiercely.

"Fine, I will not hurt her nor insult her." he sighed. Cupper smiled hugely and bowed. "Nice meeting you, Master Draco. Please swear that you'll never hurt my mistress's heart and soul or else you wouldn't like what will happen to you." she said. Draco's eyes went wide and laughed. "I swear that I will never hurt her feelings, Cupper. I'll hold that until I perish from this world." He replied. I felt my ears get hot and blood rushing through my cheeks.

"Mistress, are you blushing?" Cupper asked suddenly. I frowned and said, "Am I?"

"Yes, you are." Draco interrupted giving me a kiss on the cheeks. That made me flush a bit more. I have to think a new subject to interrupt this very embarrassing moment with my fiancée and guardian. "Ugh, anyway, where's mom and dad?" I asked.

"Oh, the masters are currently not home." she said.

"Where did they go?" I asked. It's very rare for them not to be at home

"So you want to play games with me, huh." he grinned as he turned to my direction and ran towards me.when I'm here.

"I know nothing about that mistress, I'm sorry." she apologized, bowing in shame.

"It's alright, Cupper. Then, shall we eat?" I asked.

"That will be good." Draco said shamelessly.

"Hey! You're my guest here, you know." I complained.

"Right, right. Then say the magic words." he replied.

"/Be my guest, sweetie/." I blushed/

"It will be my pleasure, love." he smirked that made me blush a deeper red. Darn! His charisma is getting me in daze. He's too dazzling.

We went to the dining pavilion and settled ourselves.Of course, when I went down on my place I found Draco staring at me like an idiot and started teasing me again. That side of him doesn't really fade with the air.

"Ahhh, I'm so full!" I exclaimed a we went through the second floor corridor.

Draco chuckled and grabbed my hand. "The whole dish was great but I am not yet satisfied. Will you make it complete for me, sweetheart?" he recited. I was speechless for that moment. My Fiancée, soul mate, lover and my all in all is telling me something that only lifetime partners say. He sure knows how to make me blush, huh. I looked away from him to hide my deep red face at the moment.

"Don't look away from me, love." he said as he grabbed my chin towards his face. I can estimate that our faces id just about a centimeter apart, and if he got any close, our noses will touch and that will give him the time to seduce me once again with his lips. Well, looking at his warm gray eyes is starting to seduce me right now. Ha ha... Do you think I will give up to like that? Let's see who's the boss this time. I smirked and breathed in front of him. Then, I pushed him away from me and winked. "Come and get me if you want me to kiss you!" I smiled as I started to run.

We reached the garden panting. Draco got me, circled his arms around my waist and pulled me onto the ground. "Woah!" I shouted as we fell. He laughed and cuddled me in his arms. "You stink of sweat, Draco." I teased. "Look who's talking." he replied. I chuckled and touched his abdomen where his mark is placed. "It has been a week already since the Christmas break started. I wonder what would you like for Christmas. What would you like to receive from me?" I asked. "I don't want anything because I received the best gift that I wanted already." he answered sweetly while brushing my hair. "What is it?" I asked. "Your heart. It's the best thing that God gave me." he replied. I felt my ears get hot and butterflies flying in my stomach. "Don't say that. I'm just me, and I can't even give what you wanted. So how come I am the best gift you ever received from God?" I asked. He chuckled and kissed my forehead. "Because this little girl that is in my arms made my world colorful when I first met her." said he as he held me closer. "You sure know how to make me fall in love." I mumbled as I drifted off to sleep.

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