Silly life with Draco Malfoy

Silly life with Draco Malfoy

you're just a simple girl who meets Draco, a person who will change your life completely.

Hope this will be read by all of you...

Name: Sapphire West

Chapter 1

Diagon Alley

by: Chocolla
You just left your house with your parents heading to Diagon Alley. You received your letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry saying that you"re expected to attend the school at September first.

"Let's go first to Ollivander's for your wand." your mom suggested. Ollivander's is a shop where wands are being sold and made. Ollivander is a great wand maker, most of the wizards buy their wands there.

"Right. I wonder what my wand is made of." you muttered under your breath. You were walking towards the shop when you noticed a pale blond boy who just walked past you. He has a piercing gray cold eyes which caught you attention. You turned your head to ask your mother who he is.

"Mom, earlier a boy passed by, he has a pale skin and gray eyes. Do you know him?" you wondered to your mom.
"Yes, I know his parents. He is Draco Malfoy son of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. Their clan has been known to be one of the richest and most prized Slytherin. As what we are too." your mom replied. "Yes Saph, me and your mother were his parent's colleagues until then. Not to mention that his father was a Death Eater." your father said.

'A son of a previous Death Eater? I wonder if he will be one also.' you thought. yet something entered your mind. 'Can I be his friend? maybe not. but there's nothing wrong trying.' you thought for awhile and smirked.

You saw a big banner indicating that you arrived in front of the Ollivander's. Your dad opened the door for you and your mom to enter. You saw shelves piled up with thin boxes which you guessed as cases of wands.

"Wow! Nice to see you again Mary and Drew! I suppose this is Sapphire your daughter?" he greeted. You bowed to him as an acknowledgement of greetings.

"Yes mr Ollivander, we're here to get her wand. If you please?" Your father replied eager to get your wand as soon as possible. "Very well, let's try this wand." he gave you a plain wand which burned your palm."Ouch! Its hot!" you complained. "Not suited for you, huh? what about this one?" he grabbed the wand from your hand and gave you another one, not plain and has flowers on it, it has your style but unfortunately it burned your hand again.

This continued for about an hour when Mr Ollivander gave you a long wand with vines surrounded it as the design. You felt a great relief when you held the wand. A soothing feeling filled your body which made you smile. "Hmmm, feels great with it? Feeling the power overflow you?" Mr Ollivander asked. "Yeah! I think this is the one that picked me as its owner." You replied happily. "Well, that a 14-inch wand made out of unicorn's mane, veela's hair and a phoenix feather. I suppose you'll get this Ms Sapphire?" he explained, you turned your head to your parents and gave them a convincing smile then you father got up and walked towards you. "Yes we will, how much is it Mr Ollivander?" taking out his wallet. "2 Galleons, 5 sickles and 1 Knut. But because this is the most precious wand that I have ever made and Ms Sapphire got it, it will be 2 Galleons and 3 Knuts." He smiled at you.Your father gave him the golds and silver happily. "Thank you Mr Ollivander, I promise I will take care of it!" you smiled. "Very well, thank you Mr Ollivander for entertaining our daughter." your mother said.

You headed off for Madam Malkin's Robes for all occasion to get your robes. You stayed there for 30 minutes when your mother said "Saph, here's some money. Go and get some entertainment while we get your things. Just meet us in the Gringotts at 4:00.". "Right! Thanks mom! By the way, can you get me an owl? please?" you asked having a puppy-dog-eyes expression at your face. "Ok, ok, ok. Now, off you go!" she replied.

You wandered around the Diagon Alley when you saw Draco Malfoy again but now staring at you. You gave him a confused smile then he gave you a smirk. That smirk gave you a thrill. 'What does he want?' you asked yourself, wandering again at Diagon Alley. You saw a shop called "Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor". You looked at its menu parchment and decided to get a Strawberry Ice cream...

[Hope you liked my story... give me comments and suggestions to continue improving my works.. thank you! God Bless!]

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