the Day Our eyes met (the continuing story  of a Robert Pattinson Love Story)

the Day Our eyes met (the continuing story of a Robert Pattinson Love Story)

I'm finally getting to continue this, since I have internet, privacy, and a snow day - I would like for you to enjoy my story! :)))

Chapter 1

5. Left Alone

by: ROBsessed
When I woke up in the morning I found my hand awkwardly sprawled on the bed, my tangled brown hair all over my face, and my butt wedged into Rob's side (hope it doesn't hurt him.) I looked over on the ground to find both of our clothes on the side of the bed.
I turned to Rob to find his smiling, open-eyed face staring straight into mine, lovingly. He picked up his hand to caress my cheek and kissed it. I turned my head ever so slightly till my lips found his. I got out of my fetal position and wrapped my right leg around his body crushing my body to his until I got a sharp pain in my side and winced, he didn't seem to notice so he kept kissing me. About 5 minutes later ihe lifted me off of him ruefully and stared at me "I totally forgot, what time is it Mara?" I grabbed my phone off the night stand and looked at the time. "Eight," I started, "why?"
"I have to get ready for a rehearsal in a little bit," he said "is that why you came to Minnesota in the first place?" I asked. "Yeah, in fact its a story about a girl who lived in New Hope, Minnesota, that's how I guessed where you lived because you look just like my co-star, a coincidence" he explained "Oh, wow that is a coincidence!" I laughed. "Well, go a head and get ready, I'll make you breakfast."
"Okay. Mara, I love so much" he said and I blushed "I love you too" we kissed and he got ready while I just threw a robe on.

When I got to the kitchen I opened the surprisingly fully-loaded fridge and searched that's when all the questions washed over me. What does he like? Does he want a big breakfast? Does it have to be fancy like creme brule and things like that? Ugh! I just settled for pancakes. When he came out he looked like a god dressed in a blue checkered shirt and skinny jeans. Wowzers! Suddenly I felt under dressed in that ugly hotel robe so I went and changed after I gave him his breakfast which he said was sincerely his favorite meal. I dressed in a blouse the same shade of blue as his shirt and some capris. When I came back he was already done. "Well, don't we match today?" He said teasingly hugged me then left while saying "I'll text you when I'm coming back, love you!" And I was alone.

With Robert gone all I did all day was be lazy, I watched tv, ate microveable meals, and took naps. I was very bored, I've never been bored in my life! Of course today had to be the day, right? Being alone wasn't really my thing so I took my phone and looked through the contacts. Hmm. I don't have many, just my closest friends so I decided to call my best friend since the third grade, Janie. After about two rings she picked up. "Maranda?! Maranda Anderson? Its been quite long since I've last talked to you, how's it going?" She asked "Great actually I-" she interupted me. "Dating Robert Pattinson? Like I didn't know that, who doesn't? Its been all over tv like on E! News, Access Hollywood, EVERYWHERE!! M, where in the world did you meet HIM, you've never stepped a foot out of Minnesota!"
"Frankly, I didn't have to, I met him at a Target like, 20 miles away from New Hope, I had no idea who he was! I didn't know you were like, a super-fan? He said he's filming some movie here down in New Hope. I guess you were never really the one to dish me out Celebrity facts. I used to think that Brad Pitt was a friggin' restaurant or something!"
"True, true." She responded "I had no patience for that kind of stuff anyway thought it was a life full of liars and greedy people, but Rob- Rob is different." I mused while twiddling my fingers. " I would guess so. He doesn't seem to be the big-headed celebrities we deal with now a days," she said sarcastically. "Haha," I said then I heard a buzz "Ooh, I think that mighr be him now, I'll talk to you soon. Bye!"
"Have fun talking to your new British hottie." She sniffed
"Haha, again bye"
"Bye..." She said akwardly and hung up.

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