Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 16

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Chapter 1

The Quidditch Match

by: kinewnew
Weeks have passed since my nightmare and since me and Draco talked to each other. I told Harry about my dream, the day after it. “Adriana, this is sign for something. Voldemort must be having Malfoy doing something Horrible. And since you and him were dating, you were interfering with his plans.” Harry told me excitedly. And when I had classes with Draco I wouldn’t look at him, I was afraid of what I would see if I did. He seemed a little down, when I did catch glimpses of him. I felt bad for dumping him when I didn’t know his complete story. Though knowing his story wouldn’t change the fact that he could possibly have something to do with Katie being in St. Mungos. There has been a lot of stress on me. the Christmas ball was soon and I had no date, The quidditch match is tomorrow, and I felt guilty about Draco. One of my problems was solved later on that evening. I had just walked out from dinner when I Blaise Zabini came up to me. There was no doubt that Blaise had to be the second cutest Slytherin. “Adriana, can I speak with you for a minute,” Blaise called. I looked at Hermione and she raised her eyebrows at me, and I just shrugged and walked towards Blaise. “Adriana, I know this is going to be frowned upon, but would like to go to the Christmas ball with me?” he asked a little nervously. I was surprised, under all that sly cunning rudeness, there was something sweet there. It reminded me of Draco… Draco, Blaise, besides Harry, would make him really mad. “Yes, Blaise, I will go to the Ball with you,” I told him smiling. “Wow we are going to be in history, the first Gryffindor/Slytherin couple at Hogwarts.” He told me while putting his arm around my shoulder. I just nodded, knowing how much “truth” there was in that sentence, since technically I and Draco were the first. “Do you mind if I walk you to your common room?” he asked sweetly. “Not at all,” I said, as I guided him the right way. Maybe Blaise is the kind of guy that I need, the one that can help me get over Draco. He was a sweet bad boy, every girls dream right? His arm was still draped around my shoulders; it felt wrong and out of place there. I shook the feeling off as we approached the portrait. “Thanks Blaise,” I said and I leaned up and kissed him on the cheek. He smiled and walked away. As soon as I walked through the door, I was attacked with multiple of questions from Hermione. “What happened, did he insult you, and did you get him?” she asked quickly. “No, no, and no,” I told her. “Then what happened?” she asked urgently. “He asked me to the Christmas ball,” I said looking down, not wanting to look Hermione in the eyes. “And did you say yes,” she pressed. I nodded and slowly looked up; she had an amused look on her face. “First Malfoy, now Zabini, what’s next your gonna dump me and become friends with pugface Parkinson,” she said snickering. But then she became more serious, “you’re not going to dump for Parkinson right?” she asked worried. Now it was my turn to laugh, “No Hermione I’m not, and Blaise he was sweet, and he walked me back,” I told her. “Well I’m still going to say be careful, okay?” she said, but I could see the relief in her eyes. “Don’t worry Hermione,” I said yawning, and I turned the light off and drifted into my first nightmareless dream in weeks. “Adriana gets up, you have a Quidditch match, c’mon,” a voice said. I grunted and pulled myself up. I got in my quidditch gear and Hermione and I joined Ron, Harry, And Ginny, who were also on the team, at the table. “So where’s dean, he is substituting for Katie, isn’t he?” I asked. “Yea, but you know the uniform wasn’t fitting quite right, so Luna is making a few adjustments.” Ginny told me. I nodded and looked at Ron. He looked extremely nervous. “Hey Ron, want some pumpkin juice, tea, coffee, you know something that will calm the nervous,” harry asked. “Sure pumpkin juice,” Ron said though he wasn’t really paying attention. Harry poured him some and passed the cup to Ron, just as Ron was about to drink it Hermione shrilled, “don’t drink that Ron,” the turning to harry she said, “You spiked his drink with something,” “I don’t know what you are talking about Hermione, I only poured him some pumpkin juice,” harry said defensively. “No harry I saw you, you put some of that liquid luck in there didn’t you,” Hermione accused. Harry just shrugged, and Ron’s eyes lit up. “Hermione call down, I’m gonna drink it,” he said and he drunk all of it in one gulp. I saw Hermione whisper something at Harry, and he replied back with something that made her be quiet. Ron still looked a bit sick on our way to the field. “alrigh’ there Ron?” I asked him. He gulped and nodded. “Conditions look good and guess what? The Slytherin’s chaser Vaisey, he took a bludger in the head yesterday, and Malfoy isn’t here either,” Ginny exclaimed happily. “What, he’s ill?” harry asked. He seemed to care a little more than I did. “Yea, but it’s great for us right,” she said and squeezed his shoulders. “Fishy isn’t it, that Malfoy isn’t playing,” harry said to Ron and I. “lucky I call it, him and Vaisey not playing its – hey” Ron said. “What,” I asked confused. “Him ... You ... I ... This morning … drink ...” Ron said excitedly but a bit scared. Harry raised his eyebrows and said “dunno what you’re talking about but we need to get to the field,” Ron just shook it off and we walked on the field which was immediately filled with excited yells. Harry stepped up to madam hooch, “captains shake hands,” she said. She blew her whistle and we were off. “Well there they go, potter’s team is a bit patchy don’t you think. Weasley is playing and who would have thought that he’d still be on the team after his performance last year. But of course being close with the captain does seem to help…” I looked to see who the commentator was, while the Slytherin bursted up into applause. It was Zacharias Smith; a Hufflepuff that I thought was pretty decent until that point. I looked at Harry and he looked pretty pissed, I hope he put this behind him. it seemed that Gryffindor could do no wrong, score after score after score. “That was some block from Adriana, she is pretty hot, don’t you think? Oh—wait I think Harper of Slytherin saw the snitch, actually seen something that the great Potter has failed to see,” Zacharias said. I wanted to take Peake’s bat and swing a bludger at Smith. I looked and saw that Harry was speaking with Harper, but he did something that made Harper do a double –take and he fell back from the snitch. And harry gladly took what Harper failed to take. Cheers erupted from the Gryffindor’s side of the stands. I smiled to, though I was still a bit worried about what Draco might be doing right now. I hoped off my broom and ran to hug Ron who delivered the most blocks today. We all walked back to the Gryffindor common room, to see that they are throwing a party. Hermione walked up to me, “Malfoy wasn’t at the game do you know why?” she asked me. “Hermione you already know that I have nothing to do with Malfoy anymore,” I told her. She shrugged and went to have a word with Harry. I saw him put his hand in his pocket and he pulled out a small flask. I saw Ron and we walked up to Harry and Hermione. “harry what are you doing with that out right now?” Ron asked. “im trying to tell Hermione that I didn’t put anything in your pumpkin juice today,” he said. “but it looked like you did,” I said. he shook his head and held up to flask, I saw that the cork was still screwed tightly in there. “so you didn’t give me that luck stuff, it was all me,” he asked. Harry nodded. Ron walked away, bemused and Lavender Brown walked up to him. they talked for awhile until I looked back over and saw that they were snogging. I looked at Ron in disbelief and then to Hermione. She looked calm at first but I could see her anger rising. Ginny walked up to us, “oh you see Ron to, that filthy hypocrite. It looks like he eating her face doesn’t it?” she said amused. Hermione looked at Ginny with pure hatred and she ran out of the room. I shook my head at Ginny and Harry and I followed Hermione. She had ran into an empty class room, there were birds flapping around her head. “Hermione are you alright?” I asked her. “yea, Adriana, im not going to let ron get to me.” she said, but I can tell she was trying not to cry. “that’s good because you shouldn’t,” I told her. “you know im glad you two have each other, so that way I don’t have to talk about this girl stuff.” Harry said and Hermione laid her head down on his shoulder, letting all her emotions out on him. And if things couldn’t have gotten any worse, Ron walked in, hand in hand with giggling Lavender. But stopped for a moment when he saw that Hermione was crying on Harry’s shoulder “oh, there you are Harry I was wondering where you could have went” he said, while lavender waited outside. “You know Ron, you really shouldn’t leave Lavender waiting out there,” Hermione said as she got up and walked to the door. I glanced at ron and he looked relieved that nothing worse happened. But as he walked towards the door Hermione shouted, “Oppungo,” and all of her birds flew straight towards Ron. i guess things could get worse.


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