The World today

I first call this A story of the world in my head but now i changed the title.

the world in my head is place were the wheather never changes.a dark glommy place. animals roam the the streets. kids robs stores to survive. and you NEVER get cought. you have to think fast to live. if you dont die from starvation the animals will get you. you are a simple 13 year old kid trying to live in this crazy word

Chapter 1

So far so good

by: TrueAlpha
you go out to look for food, you find an abanded store with some food still in it. you run inside you fide some bottles of water. you drink the first bottle and takes the others back. on your way back you find anouther kid about the same hight as you. "Hey kid where you get the water" he asked. "At that store, no more though" I said .he look at you dead in the eye "i have some bread i know you want it and i want that water, i'll fight you for it if you win you get my bread if i win i get all of your water" he said. "Simple enough" i said and set the bottles down.he comes runig at you and punches you duck and try to give him and uppercut he blocks it with one hand. you try to knee each other but the atack hits each other. you both back up and charges. puching each other right in the face. you both go down. "your not half bad kid,what your name?" he asked."kyle" answering back."hey kyle the names danny you want to share?" he said taking out the bread.after eating "hey kid want to be friends" danny said."...... sure" i said you shake hands."hey kyle we sould get to know each othr better, i live alone in a house my parents died in a car crash, you kyle?" Danny said "well like you my parent are dad left me when i was 2 he was a criminal he was killed by the police, my mom was a drug addic you can geuss how she died" i said."wow atleast your not like them but lets go" Danny said. "why" i asked."to get weapon remember these streets are dangerous" danny explained.while your walking "kyle you know what i have noticed you dont smile alot"."yea i dont really have a reason to" i said."but you really should smile more".before you say anything danny spots a gun range.he runs in and you follow good no one has found this place take a pistol,uzi,a knife,few packs of bulets and a belt to hold it all.danny takes an ak47,uzi and lots of say dont you think the ak47 is a little bit you but to me its perfect to handle that bear that bear walk to the window to see a bear there really is a bear.yea why do you think i ran inside this place danny saids.but we haveto think of away how to kill that thing.why do we need to think all we have to do is shoot it.danny adult hunters get killed by bears and where kids who never held guns before.well when you think of something ill be shooting he lets loose a barage of bullets which all of them misses.the bear lookes back.great no the bear knows you comes chargeing but befor it comes any closer you shoot it in the legs and it say come did you do that kyle you never helt a gun i have.while walkin you find a big building.danny takes out a bandana and tights it around his mouth and said ive always wanted to do this with this gun.he runs into the building and yells OSAMA!! theres a panic.yo walk in and say you wanted to be a pretend to be one he said now let run before they figure that im both run and danny laughs and you smile

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