Hey,stupid jerk,I LOVE U!(Draco Malfoy love story)

Hey,stupid jerk,I LOVE U!(Draco Malfoy love story)

Hi!This is my first story so pliiiiiiiiiz comment and rate)))thnx for reading))

Chapter 1


by: Malfoy_D
Year in Hogwards:4
Blood status:PureBlood
Friends:Harry,Ron,Hermione,Ginny,Fred and George,Oliver Wood,Luna,Neville
Best friends:Harry,Ron,Hermione
You are a 15 years old Slytherin students,You are brave,loyal,funny but you are in Slytherin...Nobody understands why..but you know...Because your father is...Voldemord..You have never met..Maybe you did but you dont remember anything..You didnt tell it to anyone cuz you are afraid that after this they wont be friends with you..You help them to kill Voldemord cuz you hate him..he killed your mother cuz she was against of murdering and etc.You are living with Laura Alflatt Death Eater woman.She doesnt know that you are friend of Harry cuz if she know she will tell it to your "father"..You are spending your summer alone at your home which reminds of castle..big,black,scary...
In Hogwards you have a crush on Oliver..but you are just a friend for him..He likes Katie Bell more...So you dislike Bell..Cho dislikes you cuz she thinks that you like Harry...Only Hermione knows about your feelings to Oliver...Your enemies are Draco,Crabbe,Goyle,Pancy,Marcus...you cant stand them..and they cant stand u..They think you are a 'Shame' for Slytherin..Dumbledore knows about your father..Snape knows too..So you are at home waiting for september to come...

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