Step To The Beat Of My Heart♥ [A Justin Bieber Love Story] Chapter 3

Step To The Beat Of My Heart♥ [A Justin Bieber Love Story] Chapter 3

Massive attack routine:

"Hey, Hey" Routine:

Dirty Picture Routine:

If it seems rushed it is...i want to get this part done with.

Chapter 1

Chapter 3

by: ImBack_
------Kimberly's POV-----
"Yesterday was the funniest thing ever!" I laughed with Chianti as we walked into the school. I was a bit shocked to see posters on the wall.
Masked? Meet us at the Lunchroom. INVASION 2010
I chuckled looking at the flier.
"Really?" Chianti smirked. We ended up walking passed a room, where 'Invasion' was having a meeting.

"When we see them at the gym, we battle them; and if we lose...." A sigh came up. "We ask them to join us." I cupped my mouth with my hand.
It's sad. it really is. Chianti and i went on walking to class as we heard whispers about the battle. The day went by, and before we know it, it was time for lunch. Chianti and i had our masks on, and we switched outfits. We had on hoodies, and kept out head down. No one noticed us. of course we just took a seat at a random table. Music started playing as a smile rose on my lips. Chianti and i had a few tricks up our selves. Hint: I'm #1
Chianti is #2

-----Justin's POV---
We entered the lunchroom where everyone was looking at us. others were looking for the 2 girls.
The music began to play. "Bring it masked!" I yelled. All of the crew were leaning back waiting for them to appear. nothing.
"Hello?" Jasmine said, the delight in her voice very clear.
I shrugged. Those girls must be scared. The music started fade, as 'awww's' and 'boo's' went through the lunchroom When the music was cut off, as we began to walk away we heard some clapping. I turned around to see a person in a hoodie clapping a beat. As she was clapping the beat the other was stomping the beat. Claps went through the room. They turned around, on the back of the sweater were numbers. #1 and #2
They turned back around and began doing this sorta of step dance. #1 clapped her hands before pumping her fist in the air, giving the person controlling the music from the speaker in the lunchroom to turn it on.
The two girls were good. The song was "Massive Attack" By Nicki Mianj
Again the masks on their faces.
They got all on the floor, and everything. At the end they ended in a criss cross pose, with their hands out like holding a gun.
Cheers went through the room. I glared at them for a second as they stayed seat on the ground waiting for us. Our music started. I think we did really good. We got cheers but not as many as they did.
They stood up and shook their as if disappointed.
"Hey hey" By: Alana Hyland came on. They were popping a lot in this one. I had my eye on #1. She was so good.Again, i see a dog paw on her neck. I cocked my head to the side a bit curious about the necklace. The girl's eyes were what was bothering me. Like really. I rolled my eyes and they were joking around with their dances and began doing thing bounce thing, moving their head side together. suddenly the lights went off. Their Jackets, pants and masks were glowing in the dark. That was the only thing you could see. I didn't notice till the light were off but the girls necklace also glowed.
THe music changed to: Dirty picture by: Kesha and Taio Cruz

They had taken off their masks.
I'm just at the point of angry right now. I left my group, walking around in the darkness looking for the light switch. I failed. They had their masks back on.
Then the lights came back on. Everyone in the lunchroom, except for my crew went up to their feet and clapped an cheered. #2 was popping for fun and jerkin'
I sighed and looked down.
I walked over to the 2. Both of them looked surprised. "can i speak to you?" I asked. #1 looked at me, confused.
"Okay we are here. Now, let me know what you want." Her voice was sour and reminded me of someone.
"We would like to know.....if you would like to join our group." I asked quietly. There was a silence., before a burst of laughter.
"No thank you. I would not." #2 said,
"Why not?" I felt a bit offended.
"I don't know who the heck, choreographs your dances but they are too stiff."
#1 shrugged.
"Peace B**hs" They both said before walking away.

---1 month later---
Week after, week those 2 girls showed up at battles beating the best crews, including mine. it had been 4 weeks since those 2 girls appear and no one seems to know them. so where did they come from? I've never seen a girl with a dog paw necklace at who are they?
I walked into math class to see Chianti and Kim speaking to each other.
I purposely bumped into Kim. She stopped talking before saying, "You're just pissed cause you're little crew, is sucking!" She laughed. Chianti began to laugh to. I'm just not in the mood.
"JUST SHUT THE F____ UP! I BET YOU CAN'T DANCE FOR S___T! HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN HERE? LIKE A MONTH. I'M JUST NOT GOING TO DEAL WITH SOME B___H THAT DOESN'T MATTER. F____K OFF. YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS THAT YOU CAN'T DANCE. YOU HAVE ONE FRIEND AND ALMOST NO ONE LIKES YOU AT THIS SCHOOL. THIS IS NOT NEW YORK! YOU'RE ALONE GET IT?" With that i took my seat. Kim seemed a bit shocked. Jasmine came from behind me, rubbing my shoulders. I saw tears well up in kim's eyes. I scoffed and whispered as loud as i could, "That's what the B___ gets." She slowly took her seat, and faced the front of the class. the teacher walked in as it was dead quiet.
"Morning class, we are going to start off with some expression of terms." she took the chalk and wrote a problem on the board.
f(x) = 3x(34x - 12) - x
x= 3

"Uhhh.....Let's have a little race with the problems. Kim and Justin." I looked up when she called my name. I groaned when i stood up. Kim stood up and went to the board. She seemed really good at math.
I saw her give a glance. "What the hell are you looking at?" I hissed. She shook her head before placing down the chalk. "Nerd." I hissed. When i finally got done with the problem, i was walking to my seat, when i noticed something on Kim's neck.
H**t i messed up.


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