our sexiest fantasy

our sexiest fantasy

what fantasies do YOU have? the first chapter is about boys. HAVE FUN!!!!:)

Chapter 1

my darkest fantasy

by: fishstick
my boyfriend slowly walks into my bedroom wearing nothing at all. stunned i ask him "what are you doing?" he comes over to me and grabs me around the waist and says "its time."he slowy starts kissing my neck. i say " i totally agree jason'. i then slowly unbutton my shirt i am not wearing a bra. i expose my boobs and then jason lays me down on the bed. he starts kissin my stomach and gets higher and higher. then i hear "KATIE! wake up. math is over" sad i walk to my locker to get my things and jason is standing there. he says "there is something i want to do tonight..........LETS PLAY CHESS! "WHAT??????????? what kind of man are you?" i scream. "i was read to do it with you and you want to play CHESS?" then he asks "REALLY? THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!" then i say "youre an idiot! you ruined it now."
"but i didn't know! i thought you were a goody two shoes. we can still do this ."
'whatever." and then i walk away.

this is why you can never expect your fantasies to happen. boy don't know when were willing. the reason is because they are always willing so it becomes normal and they can't see the signs. i'm sorry. i wanted to write some awesome crap but it would not be fair to fill your heads with lies.


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