Step To The Beat Of My Heart ♥ [A Justin Bieber Love Story] Chapter 2

Chapter 1

Pep Rally

by: ImBack_
------Kimberly's POV-----
Math was not fun one bit. I had Jasmine sitting behind me.
When the bell rang, i was the first to get out of there. If there's one face i don't want to see, it's Jasmine's. I walked to my locker.
"Hi." I heard a voice say. i turned around and saw a girl. Her hair was a Black, that stopped a bit pasted her shoulders.
"Hi." i said looking at her curiously. She stretched her hand out. i shook it.
"I'm Chianti." She smiled. I smiled back.
"I'm Kim." Her olive tone skin, was very smooth. Her smile big, with pearl white teeth. She seemed to have good fashion taste. She had on a yellow shirt, with shorts, some knee high socks and converse.
"I saw you, stand up to Jasmine. Finally Someone with some balls." i laughed.
"No i'm serious! I i stood up to her a while back. Everyone is scared of her at this school." I shook my head, before closing my locker shut.
"What's your next class?" She asked peeking over to see my paper.
I looked down. "History." I said without an ounce of joy.
"Great! i have that 2!" Just as we were walking to class the speaker thing came on.
"Would everyone please report to the gym for a pep rally." Cheers went through the hallway. We turned and walked toward the gym. When we were all seated, i was thinking of cheerleaders or something like that, but instead music came on. i knew the song. it was Somebody to love by: Justin bieber. I rolled my eyes. "Oh wow." i groaned. Then these people came out of nowhere. I saw that one of them was Jasmine. A sour look came to my face. They were dancing. It was very good. Justin was in there too. i'm guessing they are a dance crew. I didn't that it was amazing. The dancing seemed a bit stiff. The crowd wasn't sheering or anything. They looked bored. i could tell the routine as seen before.
"They did the same thing at the last pep rally."
-----Justin's POV---
"This is bad." i said when we got done with the dance. It really wasn't that good. There is something missing from our dance crew. We are called, 'Invasion 2010'
"Here, let's just gear up for the Battle tonight okay." Jasmine said, rubbing my arm. I sighed and looked down. We were getting old. We need something new. I went hope before going to dance practice. it was time to battle. i mean we just go to battle for fun. We were the most Crew just because of me. We got in, we were looking for a group to battle.
"Please introduce, masked!" the DJ said.
Now this was not a group, it was 2 girls. Both with masks on their faces. i was a bit confused. Suddenly, my song was on. it was somebody to love.
The way those 2 were dancing i didn't know what to do. The first one with black hair, was dancing in a more classical way. The other one, was dancing in a way of hip hop i haven't seen. I just wish i could see her face. They stepped forward as the song changed to, "Outta Your Mind." By Lil Jon.
The second one, with the black hair, the way her body moved to the music was so amazing, i didn't noticed my mouth was opened till Jasmine whispered, "close your mouth they are not that good." When they had finished the crowd was cheering at a new level of loud. it was our turn. Our crew did our thing. The break-dancers were awesome, as we did our part. when the music ended it was the two girls part.
I was a bit angry. Where have these to girls been? My crew needed them. The one with the Long black hair, was doing everything, popping-n-locking, break dancing and choreographed. She was also doing freestyle. The mask only covered from eyebrows, to nose.
The song changed to "Whip my hair" They got all up in our face. One of them looked familiar. Well....her eyes were.
Soon it slowed down, and the song changed to 'Can't Be friends." I am a bit surprised because i song slow like that is very hard to dance to.
It soon changed "OMG" By Usher.
Cheers went through the crowd. i could tell they were mocking us, because the long black haired girl was doing what i was doing in one time with my hands, while the olive toned girl was laughing. They were beast.
The song came to an end as the crowd clapped and cheered.
"CAN THIS BE? THE CHAMPIONS GOT BEATEN!" The DJ yelled. Everyone in my crew was a bit disappointed. I wasn't feeling on top anymore.
"YALL GIVE IT UP FOR MASKED!!! " I shook my head.
"Who are they?" Ryan asked. I shrugged. As they we talking to each other i noticed the one one with the long black hair had a necklace, It was a dog paw with stones. I had my eye on it. The girl stopped smiling when she noticed me looking at her. She rolled her eyes before saying,
"It's Bieber's world and We are just living in it! .........BTC***H PLEASE!" And with that they walked off.
"Well that was a fail. Rehearsal 8am tomorrow!" Jasmine Said.
"NO! 6am tomorrow! This is just showing that we are failing.We need to get better." I hissed. I looked off as the 2 girls walked out the door of the club.
"Those 2 won't know what it them."


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