My Life As a Teenage Vampire

My Life As a Teenage Vampire

This is my first story ever so please tell me if you like it and if you want me to continue!:)

Chapter 1

Chapter 1:How It Started

by: Allikay
I, Alexsandra Paige, am going to tell you the story of how i became the monster i am today.A vampire. No i don't sparkle when the sun hits my skin, no i don't read minds or see the future which is much of what you hear today. I'm a knew kind of vampire. This is my story.
* * *
"Hey, what's up Alex? You want to come chill at my house?", Jesse,my boyfriend asked. " Sorry I'm going to Alecia's for the weekend. Hey, why don't you ask her if you could come over, too? Her parents are out of town so they won't be there to curse at you." I giggled. Alecia Hinson, my best friend, well her parents have a serious problem with Jesse Stark. Last time we went over together, when we were chillin' on the couch watching TV, her mom came in the living room and started hissing and cursing," Jeffery, get out her and get this .....thing, out of my living room....NOW!" We all looked at her like dude what the heck?
" Yea,...wait ,are you sure her parents are gone? What if they disguised themselves as something else, like, like a vampire?" I was just about to reply when Alecia walked up and asked," What's all the commotion?" " Nothing," Jesse replied, "Hey can i come over with you two to your house?" "Sure," Alecia answered," just be good," she said eye-balling Jesse which apparently was eye-balling me. I giggled and reached up to kiss him, but kept it short and sweet. "Hey, we should probably get going before the teachers start coming out and saying,"Get out of here you slow lazy bums!""
Laughing are butts off, we ran out of the school making old people faces and laughing some more. Finally we all sat on some benches at the park to catch are breathes. It took us a little while to realize it was really getting dark. Had we really wasted that much time? " We should probably be getting to Alecia's! It's really getting dark and cold out." I said."Whoa, everybody shut up and listen.......hear that?" Alecia barely got it to come out of her mouth." What the heck are you talking a......oh my gosh you guys be quiet!" " Some people in this town smell ever so tasty......" the words turned into a mumble. " Jesse, did you send some of your retard friends out here to scare us?" I turned around to hear him answer but no Jesse! " JESSE PLEASE DON"T PLAY GAMES WITH ME TONIGHT!!" I turned around to ask Alecia if she saw him at all or if he snuck any where and she wasn't there either! " Oh, dear Lord!" i mumbled to myself.

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