Step To The Beat Of My Heart ♥ [A Justin Bieber Love Story] Chapter 4

Step To The Beat Of My Heart ♥ [A Justin Bieber Love Story] Chapter 4

It really is yeah......

Kim and Chianti's version of 'We No speak Americano" Dance:

Chapter 1

Chapter 4

by: ImBack_
----Kimberly's POV---

As Justin was walking back to his seat he paused and looked at me. I rolled my eyes a bit confused.
"May i help you?" I asked caring less.
He seemed to snap out of it, before a huge smile grew on his face. I leaned back and looked at Chianti. She was speaking to some guy. i think his name is Ryan.
"Hey...i was wondering...... could you meet me at the basketball court today after school?" He asked placing a hand on my desk. i scoffed at him, before pushing his hand off.
"No." I said, before saying loudly; "Justin you're distracting me from my work." The teacher turned around with a glare on her face.
"Justin take your seat." She snapped. Justin huffed out a big breathe of air, before walking back to his seat.
"What the hell was that?" Chianti asked finally turning away from Ryan. I shrugged.
"I say, we pay Invasion a visit." I Whispered so only she could here.
---Justin's POV---
It's KIM! It's Kim and Chianti! Damn! There goes our chances of having, 'masked' join us. It's the same necklace, same eyes. I yelled at her and told her she can't dance. someone should just stab me.
After school, the crew and i headed to our normal rehearsal room.
Jasmine was the one that did the Choreographed parts. i did some too.....but most of it was Jasmine. I sat in the back of the room watching our whole crew. It just wasn't fitting together. Our style isn't fresh. it's to predictable. I leaned my head back against the wall when, i heard a voice say; "Dude!" I opened my eyes slowly to see, Shane's smiling face. Shane is one of the poppers(robot people) in the crew. "They are having the Dance slam 4 months from now1 here! in Atlanta for the first time!" I wasn't as joyful, as i thought i should be. I just nodded weakly and closed my eyes. Again.The music came on for "We No Speak Americano"
I opened my eyes to see 2 new figures that weren't there before. in the reflection of the mirror was was 2 girls....with masks. i watched carefully seeing what they were doing. The dance that the crew was doing, they were doing; yet they were modifying. #1 and #2 weren't doing the same thing. What they were doing was similar. I could see jasmine's face as she was also watching the to with narrow eyes. She had the song on repeat so they just doing it over and over again. It went on like that till i saw that, some of the crew were picking up on the way 'masked' was dancing. I saw Jasmine face turn red and i couldn't help but laugh. Her anger filled her shot at me. I shrugged.
"STOP!" She yelled. Everyone suddenly froze, except for #1 and #32. They didn't care what the h*ell* Jasmine had to say.
#1 was dancing so much her mask fell off. Of course gasps went through the room. She really didn't care.
She turned toward me and stuck up her middle finger with a pleased smile.
#2 slipped off her mask showing, Chianti's always smiling face.
"Who can't dance now?" She laughed. i stood up from my normal spot and walked over to her.
"I'm sorry." I said giving an friendly smile. She returned with a smug smile.
"So let's get started!" Chianti said. I never knew she could dance.
"When did you start dancing?" Ryan asked her with a flirtatious smile. I saw Chianti give back a nervous smile before answering to everyone more than ryan. I have danced hip hop for 3 years now, and i also did ballet for 10 years, so it's good to mix those to together.
I heard the stomping of foot steps.
"Justin! What does she mean let's get started?" Jasmine asked leaning her head on my shoulder. I kissed the top of her head, before looking at Kim who looked at bit disgusted.
"I thought you wanted us to join your crew." She said, a grimace growing onto her face. YES! I just gave a smile but on the inside i was jumping around.
"Okay!" Chianti yelled. "Show us what you got!"
-----Kimberly's POV-----
They were very, very, very stiff. I don't know. I just felt like they could do better. I let out a sigh, as Chianti watched with something more like fear then anything.
"Okay. Okay. Okay. We are going to start fresh! I want the poppers over here, the break dancers over here, the free stylist over here, and the crunkers over there."
Chianti went to the Crunkers and free stylist; while i went to the break dancers and poppers.
Justin was in the Break dancers place.
---Justin's POv----
I watched closely as Kim showed something to the poppers. She did this robot, and it was interesting cause the way way she did it, was flawless. She brought her arms up in a robot way and but it over her heart. She did this heart beat thing, where her chest moves front and back while her arms go closer looking at if she's controlling it. Shane began to do it. He's was a bit off.
She placed his hands in a different position, and moved his hands for him. Soon she let go and he got the hang out it. She let out a nice laugh at shane's reaction when he got it down. She was looking around when she spotted me. I looked away quickly, only to look back up and to see her eyes still on me. She bit her lip, only to look away seconds later and turn to another popper showing them another move. Did she just give me the "eyes" Jasmine, was in the corner of the room glaring at me, clearly had seen the exchange that just happened.


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