Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 15

Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 15

here's part 15 not that long, but i still think its good.
comment and tell me what YOU think

Chapter 1

The Nightmare

by: kinewnew
It was dark and stuffy in here; my eyes had barely adjusted to it. I tried to move but only to find that I’ve been chained up. I tried to scream but my mouth was bound together. I hear a snicker from behind “hey, boss I think she is starting to stir,” said a wheezy voice. “Good, bring her to me wormtail,” said another more dead sounding voice. Wormtail? Why is that name so familiar. The chains around my ankles and wrists began to disappear. A rough pair of hands grabbed my arms from behind and pulled me into a more lit up room. But it still wasn’t light enough, though I could make out what people’s faces looked like. I scanned the room and saw that there were five others in there with me. They were all wearing excited expressions. I recognized them all but one. Bellatrix was grinning madly at me; Greyback had a hungry look on his face. The next person that was there shocked me, not by much though. It was Lucius and he did have a tad softer expression than the others. “It’s a shame Adriana; you were always like a daughter to me. It’s too bad…” and his sentence trailed off. I looked at the last recognizable face, and a burst of pain surged through my whole body. “It’s a pity you dumped me Adriana.” Draco said smirking as dangerously as the others. I looked at with confusion, but the quickly changed into a look of hatred. I turned away from him and looked at a man; at least I thought he was a man. He was very frail, a snakelike face and piercing red eyes. It was hard to look at him. He walked towards me and took my face in his bony hands and removed my mouth gag. I flinched at his touch. “You could have made a great death eater. Your braveness would have been amazing for us. But you are friends with Potter, and you tried to interfere with my plans for Draco.” He said. “I would never join you,” I spat. “How dare you speak to Lord Voldemort like that,” he said raising his wand. I gasped and looked at Draco, Voldemort? Everything harry thought was true, Draco is a deatheater. I looked back at Voldemort. “You know I still think you can be a good death eater,” Voldemort said a little calmer, though wand was still raised. “I will never join you. You can kill me now, but that’s not going to stop Harry from killing you. It might motivate him more, so kill me Voldemort.” I said his name with as much venom my body could produce. “Potter, kill me, foolish girl.” He said, and then there was a burst of green light.

I woke up sweating and gasping. I looked around and thankfully I was in my own dorm. Hermione had gotten up and came to my bed. “Are you okay Adriana?” she asked me. “Yeah, it was just a dream…. Just a dream.” I said a bit shaken. She went back to her bed and went to sleep. I couldn’t though, my mind still etched with the thought of that nightmare.


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