Two Brothers, One Girl, Which Will She Choose?

A story I had a great a idea for so I hope you enjoy!
Character info:

Lead Female:
Name: Matrina Mezzanotte
Nickname: Trina
Age: 16
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown

Lead Male:
Name: Nick Hennigan
Age: 20
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown

Lead Male:
Name: Ryan Hennigan
Age: 17
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown

Chapter 1

Dear old brothers...what a pain, gotta love'em

The sun was beaming through the thin white curtains of Matrina Mezzanotte's bedroom window as she awoke. The fresh Florida morning air lightly breezed through her house as the front door stood open and many of the windows. She got up and dressed in a purple cut-off shirt and tight white mini skirt with purple two-inch heel sandals. Her long dark brown hair laid flat down her head.
Matrina walked into the kitchen where the smell of freshly made pancakes filled the crisp air. Her best friend Cyntheria Hennigan-whom she lived with-had made all this food.
"This is amazing!" Matrina said to her bff
"You always say that" Cyntheria smiled
"That's because it's true" Trina winked.
They continued on with their day as usual. Now it was almost seven o'clock and the sun was resting upon the horizon, Trina and Cyntheria sat on the sand looking out across the ocean.
"Do you think we'll ever find love?" Trina asked
"Someday, surely we will, I mean look at us! Any guy would be lucky to have either one of us" Cyntheria laughed, then turned almost serious, laid back and continued staring up at the darkening sky "Everyone finds love sometime in their life, so of course we will, we just have to wait. Because since it hasn't happened yet that means we haven't found the right guy."
They laid on the sand for hours until finally they got up and headed back to the beach house. They went inside and Cyntheria made dinner. They ate and went to bed.
~The Next Morning~
Cyntheria busted into Matrina's room and shook her violently,
"Trina! Trina! Trina! Get up! Ding Dong! Get up! Come on! Oh my god! Will you wake up already!! Dang it Trina!" Cyntheria left the room and got a bucket of water then returned to Matrina's bedroom,
"This is your last god dang warning Matrina Mezzanotte!" And Cyntheria splashed the whole bucket onto Trina who was still fast asleep. Cyntheria groaned and was about to leave the room when Trina's alarm clock went off and she gently arose. She stretched and stood up straightening her clothes, then she realized "Why am I wet?" Cyntheria was about to slap the _ out of her when she remembered why she was trying to wake up Matrina.
"Oh my gosh! Trina! Guess what!?"
"Oh my gosh what?!"
"I'm going to be a wrestler!"
"Yes! Remember when I did that community wrestling program," Trina nodded "Well, so Vince McMahon found out about me and asked me to work for him, he e-mailed me and said if I want to I can start in Ohio Valley Wrestling, so OF COURSE I said yes!"
"Wow! I'm really happy for you! That's amazing! I know how much you really wanted this" Trina said hugging Cyntheria
"But...the only problem is I'll have to leave you...I don't want to do that"
"Girl you better! I will not let you pass up a chance like this! You are going!"
"But Trina..."
"No buts CC, you are going no matter what, I will be fine here" Cyntheria sighed and couldn't refuse.
Cyntheria had just finished packing when there was a knock on the front door. She answered it and there was her brothers Nick and Ryan.
"What the _ are you doing here!?"
"Whoa dude chill, we came to use your TV since ours is broken" Nick looked accusingly at Ryan,
"Man, don't look at me it was your surfboard,"
"That you just so happened to be pretending to surf on when you slipped and fell breaking the table and making the surfboard fly forward into the TV"
"So...? It's the table's fault for making it slip" Ryan said. Her and Nick both got the same idea and slapped Ryan upside the head. Ryan walked past Cyntheria rubbing where they smacked.
"Dudes I'm leaving for Ohio so Trina is only going to be here, so...get your numbskull moronic goofball butts out!" Matrina walked in and was greeted by Cyntheria's idiot brothers
"'Sup" Ryan said lounging on the couch with the remote and a soda in his hands already while Nick more cool, calm and collected stood up and greeted her with a side hug and said
"How are you?" Trina looked at me and said
"Well my best friend in the world is leaving for Ohio to wrestle I'm excited for her yet a bit sad to be that far from her"
"Trina..." Cyntheria walked over and hugged her friend.
Matrina took Cyntheria to the airport and they said their goodbyes "Well CC this is it...e-mail, text, call and write me 'kay?"
"Will do, Trina, I will tell you all about my dirty adventures the second I get there haha" They both laughed
"Wait the second you get there?" Trina asked. Cyntheria nodded
"_ yeah! Dirty parties the minute I enter Ohio!" They laughed and hugged one last time before Cyntheria boarded her plane.
Matrina got back home and Ryan and Nick were gone, she went upstairs and went to sleep.
~3 months later~
When Matrina woke up there was a text on her cell, she looked at it and it said "Meet me @ 11am @ the dock ~NH"
Trina got up and dressed in a short white halter dress and white sandals. She left and went to the dock. She had starting falling for Nick Hennigan, Cyntheria's older brother, though he was four years older than her. Also Ryan Cyntheria's twin brother became someone she found herself liking too.
Nick was standing looking out at the water, at the waves crashing mildly against the slate grey rocks, the palm trees gently swaying in the light fresh air.
Matrina approached him and he turned to face her, his brown eyes looking deep in hers, she wanted to tell him that she also had feelings for his brother, she didn't know who to choose. They were both so sweet, Nick of course was obviously more mature and not such a doofy goof like Ryan, but she loved that about Ryan, the way he was, how he was moronic on purpose, but Nick was so strong and brave and manly, though he was romantic and playful.
She was so confused right now, she needed her best friend, who had recently been moved to Florida Championship Wrestling, but with her always busy, so they didn't really have time to talk about this stuff face to face.
Nick leaned in toward her, placing his hand on the side of her neck his other hand on her waist, their lips met in a passionate sweet kiss, their lips moved perfectly together, but this felt so wrong, sneaking around behind each brother's back, they had no idea the other was meeting the same girl, yet this kiss felt so right, kissing this man was wondrous, feeling him pressed to her, his warmth.
They broke the kiss and continued on with the day.
Cyntheria sat on Matrina's bed reading Eclipse
"CC, who do I chose?"
"Well, it's like The Twilight Saga, there's Edward, Bella and Jacob. Say you're Bella, who's your Edward and who's Jacob? Which one makes you feel more excited?"
"I don't know, this is hard,"
Just then there were two texts sent to Matrina and Cyntheria's phones, both saying the same thing, but what? What did they say that shocked the living _ out of both girls? And who sent them?

Well I'm not telling you in this chapter so........HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA......Sorry....lmao

This chapter has gotten too long so I must end it now! So wait for Chapter two! Deuces!

You better comment! Or else! Please please please comment I want to know if it's good or not!


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