Draco stole my heart (part 4)

Draco stole my heart (part 4)

hiiii ok if you didn't read part 3 its in part 2 chapter 2 sorry i won't be doing that again my bad!..........oh and im changing it to first person.

Chapter 1

The talk

by: OhRobyn
Snape beckoned me and Malfoy into his office. I were worried "what did i do?" u thought to ur self. Malfoy looked the same. "well Brittney did you make any friends yet?' Snape asked me. I looked at Malfoy who was staring at me. "no sir Malfoy was just showing me to the great hall since i don't eat there that much" i lie. Snape looked at his other fav student he then stood up and walked to the door and opened it. "LONGBOTTOM" he yelled. Longbottom who was walking to the great hall quickly dropped his book bag and hurred over to us. "Take ms. Zane to the great hall Mr. Malfoy I need a word with you" he added. Malfoy gave me a glare before nodding to Snape.

(Draco's POV) "what did I do?" I thought to myself as I watched Zane leave with Longbottom. Snape closed the door and turned to me "not a friend eh?" He said turning on me. "Yes sir" I answered looking at the floor. " anyway I want you to help Ms. Zane out it will earn you more house points" he said quietly. "What?! She is not my problem!" I shouted standing up"watch it!" He snapped at me. "Sorry sir" I found myself saying quietly. Snape leaned back on his desk staring at me and the door. "I wouldn't push this offer mr. Malfoy remember I could of easily let your father know of all your bad actions these past two years" snape reminded me. I let out a heavy breath "my father great just what I need to deal with" I thought to my self. I let a sigh "fine I'll do it sir" I replyed trying to get rid of the anger in my voice. "that's what i thought" Snape said opening his door and slowly pushing me out. "now get out of my office and don't tell Ms. Zane about this conversation understood?" I turned around to nod when he slammed the door in my face. "Slimy git" i muttered under my breath as i turned to walk to the great hall.


I was siting at the Slytherin table when i saw Malfoy walking to me looking sulky as ever. He came to my side and sat down next to me. Crabb and Goyal appeared at his side looking confused. Malfoy beckoned them to sit across from us. "well what did he want" i finally asked feeling impatient for him to say something. Malfoy looked at me "nothing just about how i need to look after you and all that stuff" he answered carelessly and a little annoyed. I rolled my eyes "well don't worry its not your job Malfoy" i said sipping some water. Malfoy shrugged stuffing his face in some toast. Just then i felt a tap on my shoulder i turned around and Ron weasly waved at me while he was walking over to his table. Malfoy saw what happened and choked on his toast. "i think he fancies you" he coughed while grabbing your water and drinking it. "gee thanks Malfoy" i said rolling my eyes and grabbing my cup and refilling it. "well what if he does?" Malfoy asked still coughing he once again grabbed my cup and drank it. "please i would never date a blood traitor like him" i hissed. This time Malfoy choked on the water. "you think he's a blood traitor?" he asked wiping his mouth. "duh why wouldn't i?"i asked looking at him. He just shrugged. After lunch we went to are first class Care Of Magical Creatures.

I was not looking forward to that class i did not like that Hagrid to me he could just lose his job. we finally got down there to his "house" But what bugged me the most was that we had class with Potter,Granger and Weasly. Malfoy didn't seem too pleased about it either but that was not my problem. My problem were three things first thing Panties she kept on trying to be scary with me and acting tough, Malfoy wouldn't shut up about how much he hates Potter, but the last thing was that Weasly couldn't stop staring at me...........


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