Boo Homework Yay Procrastination

I have absolutely no idea where I got the idea for this story. It just came into my brain and I decided to write about it. lol so feel free to leave negative comments because I want true opinions, not fake ones that make me feel happy. This is the lamest story ever so I'm going to crawl into a hole now XD btw my cat didn't really die, and none of the things I have included in the story are true (except for where I have noted

Chapter 1

The Truth

It was only then that I had realised I had put the task off for way too long. Procrastinating is a nasty habit to get into, especially in some situations. If only I had completed the mission before it was too there was no turning back time. I can never eat my special collectors edition caramel icecream ever again, unless I buy another one. But it was collectors edition! Grrrrrr....curse all those who raise the price of compulsory items...
Okay, so, I really need to sort out my problems. My icecream has been officially eaten, I have a ton of homework to do, my bf just split up with me AND my cat just died. Like now. Like, just then. I am typing this sentence while my cat is having spasms throughout it's body. Geez, he really needs to sort out HIS problems. Needs to take a chill pill or something to stop dying painfully. A truck is going to hit my best friend. I can see her outside of my window. A large, red truck. Wow, that's really nice paint. Hang on, that's the blood from my buddy. Who cares anyway she was so mean to me. Why should I even call her my best friend? Anyway, after completing my homework, after the long, tedious hours of non-procrastination, I walked down the street with my dog to get some more icecream. Not collectors edition this time. Just plain, old vanilla. Come to think of it, I had a vanilla milkshake today. (That's true). Leave in comments if you also had a vanilla milkshake, (large) and we can be milkshake buddies. Not like that....that.....EVIL person who got hit by a truck. True buddies for life. Well, not for life, but for the day, because whoever.......ah, never mind about all of what I just said.....heheheh.... I walked into the shop and purchased the icecream. I also got a free plush doll as a promotional item. I chucked it to the dog and it ripped it to shreds. The salesperson began crying.
"That's a special collectors edition plush toy! How dare you give it to that beast!"
Great i thought. Another special edition object lost. My dog suddenly said to me: "Fizzy apple sandwich potato" and blew up. I licked my lips in satisfaction when an intestine slid down my face and into my mouth. I ate it without hesitation. I always eat things without hesitation, actually. It's delightfully tangy with salt and spices. Yes, I know that is disgusting, but this is a random story that makes no sense whatsoever, so deal with it or stop reading and do not read any chapters to come, unless you want to.....okay that made no sense. Look out for the next exciting chapter of: Boo Homework Yay Procrastination!!!! Lets celebrate!!!
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