Stuck in The Moment(A Justin Bieber Love story) 40

sorry i rushed...

Chapter 1

Chapter 40

by: ImBack_
---Brooke's POV--
When we got up to the room Justin opened the door only to be greeted by barking.
"Mocha?" i asked a bit surprised. Justin closed the door behind him.
"Justin?" i heard a soft voice say. We walked into the living room to see Both of our mothers." i said nervously. She crossed her arms as Justin's mom was looking up towards the ceiling thinking for a while.
"EXPLAIN." My mom nearly yelled. I sighed and looked at Justin. He seemed pretty chill.
"Well.....uh....i'm pregnant." I sighed, then closed my eyes waiting for them to shout at us.
"Brooke?" I heard my mom say. I opened one eye to peek at her. Pattie was looking at justin, with mixed expressions.
After explaining everything to them it seemed clear.
"You're getting married! we have to get planning!" My mom said to Pattie. They both went off into the other room talking about plans. I rolled my eyes.
Justin pulled out his phone and began to dial. I walked pass him to his room. I laid down. I just sat there and played on my phone. i saw Justin's laptop sitting on the table in the room. i don't think he would care. I quickly walked over and picked up the white laptop covered with many stickers.
I went back to the bed and opened up the laptop to see his wallpaper a picture of Him, Ryan, Amy and i. I smiled at the picture; a part of my heart hurting at the thought of Amy. I clicked on the internet button. i came to his twitter page.
I was going to log out but ended up looking through his stuff. i felt bad, then quickly logged out and logged into mine. I had 1 Million FOLLOWERS! When did that happen? I stared at the screen wide eyed. I blinked a few times, when a tweet caught my eye.
It was from Drake: My boy J-B has some mad feelings for ms.Wicfield. she said no to him, :( Why Brooke?
I sighed and clicked on the tweet about to reply when Justin walked in.
"Done!" He smiled taking a seat next to me. I gave him a nice smile.
"What's done?" I asked putting my head on his shoulder.
"You're on the tour!"
"No way!" I laughed. I hugged him close, then kissing him on the cheek.
-----2 Weeks----
How has the tour been? AWESOME! Jasmine is the only down side. She doesn't like me being around one bit.


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