ok, so the first chapter is the real intro. this is just the basics of the main character.
Name: Ezekiel Deporita Ronweck
Parents: Louis and Shaina Marcus (adoptive parents)
Hair: Originaly brown
School: Ravenport Middle School
ok well enjoy the story!!! hope you like!!!

Chapter 1


All of my life, I've had these weird flashes from time to time, as if I were seeing someone else's memories. I knew they couldn't be mine, because it was like some sort of castle that they took place in. It was as if I were living in another body when I had these flashes; as if I were the person.
Little did I know I was.
The one that stuck in my mind seemed so real. I saw the memory one day. The day that changed my life.
My family was moving to Virgina, to some sort of ranch house. My adoptive mother tried to boost my enthusiasm by telling me of all the perks I would get: my own walk in closet, a huge room, place to play in the backyard, ect. I remained sullen about the journey.
I remained that way, because for some reason, it was as if there was a barrier halfway through the journey. I broke through it reluctantly, because I knew that it had been put there for a purpose, like all other barriers. It wasn't a big, stone wall or anything like that: It was just a part of me that felt weird after we crossed that point.
It was at that point hat I had the vision.
It was of a mother, hugging a little girl of about toddler age to her. The woman looked scared, and sad.
But the vision was just a flash: it was there, then it was gone.

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