Forbidden lovers

Forbidden lovers

It all began with a fifteen year old girl named amber. She was a social outcast, and liked it that way. Her long, glossy black hair was never pulled back from her face. She ate alone, walked to class alone, read alone, and studied alone. She wore her favorite black, red, and white skull jacket with a pair of black skinny jeans and black converse. No one liked to hang around her. But that all changed when that new kid came to town...

Chapter 1

She meets him

Amber was sitting all alone in the giant library. This was her favorite place to be, mostly because she loved to read but also because she loved how there were no giggling and laughing people who got in her way. She read silently and quickly, she had just reached the best part. She sighed and flipped the page, and then heard the soft footsteps approaching her. She didnt look up, and only thought, 'Its just someone walking by, Or looking for a book. Surely no one wants to talk to me of all people.' But she heard the footsteps coming closer, and stop in front of her. She heard a quieted voice speaking to her. "Hello, your name is amber, correct?" She swiftly looked up, And saw a boy about her age standing in front of her. She looked him over, and liked what she saw. He was about her age, with sandy blonde hair. He was wearing a jacket, and it said "Matallica" in scrawled out words. "Ya, im amber. Who are you?" She looked at him questioningly. He looked back at her with the same level of curiosity. "Im seth. As you probably know, im new here." He flashed a brilliantly white smile. "May i sit with you?" "I dont know... I was reading." She said softly. "If i promise to be quiet and not be annoying or anything, then may i read with you?" She thought for a few seconds. "I guess. Im in the middle of my book so you might not understand it." He looked at the cover. "Ive already read this one." He smiled again. As he sat down next to her, she felt uncomfortable. She had'nt been near anyone this close in a long time. His arm brushed up against hers, and he felt warm. She could smell his warm breath, and it smelled sweet. She felt a little dizzy, and forced herself to pay attention to the book instead of seth. She only read a few pages, when she hear rapidly approaching steps coming. She closed the book and looked up. "Awww man, not her!' She thought. The school prep was heading straight towards them.

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