Ghost Of A Friend

this is a new story I wrote inspired by a dream I had last night :)

Chapter 1


Intro (Author's POV)
what do you do when you have a friend in a completely different world than you? What do you do when the only time you can see that friend is when you go to sleep at night?
But will that friend come visit outside of a dream?
In this story, Cathy Boldren lives with her mother in Texas.
Cathy leads a seemingly normal life until she goes to sleep one night. Then her dream begins but as they say, all good things must come to an end. But when Cathy wakes up, she discovers a dark secret behind her dream. And possibly why she had the dream.
In Cathy's odd and exciting new adventure, she's on a quest to release a young boy's ghost that is trapped between two worlds. But Cathy becomes attached to the ghost and can't seem to let him go when he finds his place.

Story \/

I was at a party. About to go in the doors. I could hear the music it was so loud.
"I don't want you here! You don't fit in!" A boy yelled. I walked in to investigate the matter. It was my cousin, Brett. He wanted all of his friends to fit in. If he thought they didn't fit in, them and everyone else was going to know it.
"Your weird! Go home!" Brett yelled at the boy. The boy had black hair and was wearing dark clothes. He had on a black t-shirt with a white then sweater underneath. He walked out. Clearly mad. Brett was mean when it came to other people. He didn't care about other peoples feelings. I ran out behind the boy. "Wait!" I called. He was half way down the drive way. "Wait!" I called running to catch up with him. He stopped. "I'm sorry. That's my cousin. He can be hateful." I said when I caught up with him. "Its ok. I'm used to being rejected." He said. His eyes were a chocolate brown. "That's not the point. He needs to stop being so mean." I said. He smiled a little. "I'm Criss Ghostingberg." He said holding his hand out. "I'm Cathy Boldren." I said shaking his hand. "Its nice to meet you, Cathy." He smiled. "Cathy!" I heard a faded voice call. "Cathy!" It called again. "Do you hear that?" I asked Criss. "No. What's it sound like?" He asked. "Someone calling me." I said. "Cathy!" I recognized the faded voice as my mother. "Mom?" I called back. "Are you ok?" Criss asked. "I'm not sure." I said. Then everything went black.
I rolled over in my bed. I realized it was just a dream. "Cathy! Time to get up!" My mother yelled. "Ok! I'm up!" I yelled back. I sat up in my bed and ran my fingers through my hair. The dream I had just woke up from was so real that I didn't want to wake up.
I got ready for school. "Cathy, come on! Your going to be late!" My mother yelled. I sighed and went down stairs. My mother held the keys out. "I'm not driving." I said. "Why? Your going to be late!" She said. "Because I don't need to drive right now!" I said and stormed out the door. Me and my mother fought all the time. Over stupid stuff no less. Very stupid stuff. Like just the other night we fought over what I was going to fix for supper. We fought over any little thing and 98% of the time it was so stupid and pointless.
I was sitting at the lunch table alone eating breakfast. Not really eating. More like poking it to see if it was alive. Usually my few close friends were sitting with me but I went to the back of the lunch room to an empty table because I wanted to be alone. When I wanted to be alone, I done what I'm doing now. Ditch everything and be alone.
"Hey, is something wrong?" Emily, my best friend asked. "Um. Not really." I said. Emily was always there for me for everything. Especially since me and my mother fight all the time. Why don't I mention my father? Because I have no idea where he is. He ditched my mom when I was born. I had never heard from him before. I only knew what he looked like because of the pictures my mother had that she finally showed me when I was fourteen. The fighting started not long after that. I'm sixteen now so for the last few years we done nothing but fight.
"What do you mean? Did you and your mom have another fight?" Emily asked. "No. Actually. This is about a dream I had." I answered. "Tell me about this dream." She said. "Well. Do you know how when you have dream its so real you wish it was? I had one of those dreams last night and I can't stop thinking about it." I explained. "Yeah. What was it about?" She asked. "A boy. His name was Criss Ghostingberg. It was just so real. I didn't want to wake up. I wanted to stay in the dream a while longer." I explained.
While I was in the library, I was on the computer. I decided to look up Criss Ghostingberg. I was weird but I wanted to know if he actually existed.
Then it popped up. ''Young boy, 17, killed in an awful care accident'' Under that was Criss Ghostingberg. I clicked on it and his picture popped up. My heart stopped in that very second. The boy in the picture was the boy I met in my dream. I read through the article despite my scare. It had happened a few years back.
''Christina Ghostingberg and her son Criss were in a tragic accident on October 3, 2007. Ms. Ghostingberg escaped with quite a few broke bones and a punctured lung but tragically, her son Criss did not. The doctors confirmed that not only did he die on impact but doctors say it would have been impossible for him to live since his whole rib cage had been broken and punctured his lungs.''
''Reports say him and his mother were fighting when she pulled into oncoming traffic. Ms. Ghostingberg says if she could do one thing different, she would have never argued with her son while in the car.''
Tears formed in my eyes. But why was I dreaming about him? I had never met him. I had never heard his name. I had never even seen his face before.

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