Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 13 (READ INTRO)

Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 13 (READ INTRO)

here' part 13... alot of thngs hve been changed..
1.instead of that halloween ball it has now been changed to winter ball
2.i wont be posting them up daily anymore :(
oh and just for some people who havent noticed alot of the events in my story occur in jk rowlings original half blood prince

Chapter 1

Trip to Hogsmade

by: kinewnew
I woke up still in Draco’s arms; he was looking down at me. “How come you didn’t wake me up?” I asked groggily. “Because you look so cute sleeping,” he said leaning in to kiss my forehead. “I got to go, I’m going to hogsmeade to shop for a dress.” I told him. He looked nervous, “oh well be careful” he said releasing me. I lightly kissed him and exited the room of requirement. I started rushing to the Gryffindor home room when I bumped into someone. “Oh I’m, sorry. Oh it’s you, hi Draco. How did you get here so fast?” I asked him confused helping him with his stuff. “What is this?” I asked as I picked up a small rectangular package. He looked extremely nervous. “Um that’s nothing, I got to go.” He said snatching the package out of my hand. I watched confused as he walked away. I headed into the girls dormitory and Hermione looked tired. “Hurry Adriana so we can go to hogsmeade,” she said throwing my clothes at me. “Why the rush?” I asked amused. “Nothing I just want to get there early that’s all,” she said sounding annoyed. We walked to breakfast greeted by the sight of Harry and Ron. “.. And then there was this flash of light and I landed back on the bed.” Ron said grinning madly. I thought it was highly amusing but the look on Hermione’s face did not say so. “Did this spell come from this ruddy book you found,” she shrilled. Harry frowned at her. “Always just to the worst conclusions huh?” he asked. “Harry I’m just trying to look after…” Hermione started. “Oh just give it a rest Hermione,” harry interrupted. “Was it” she pressed. “Well, yes it was but…” harry said. “no buts harry, that book is dangerous” Hermione cried. “I think we should stop talking about this and head down to hogsmeade.” I said standing up. “I agree” Ron said following me. They got up also and as we walked we spotted Ginny “Hey, harry I was supposed to give you this,” she said handing a parchment to him. “Thanks Ginny… want to join us at hogsmeade?” harry asked hopefully. “I’m sorry, but I’m going with Dean. See you there though.” She said walking off. “It’s from Dumbledore, there is another meeting. Monday,” he said excitedly. The walk into hogsmeade wasn’t pleasant. My limbs were numb and my teeth rattled. Ron pointed excitedly at Honeydukes. We walked in and were immediately surrounded by heat. “Great, let’s stay in here all day” Ron said. “Well we would but Hermione and I have to go search for dresses for the Christmas ball.” I told him. “Harry m’boy.” We heard from a distance. “Oh joy, Slughorn.” I heard harry say as I took Hermione’s arm and dragged her out of the store. We shopped for awhile, Hermione found this gorgeous pale pink dress. And I found this beautiful red gown; Draco would definitely like this one. We walked passed Hogshead and spotted Harry and Ron. Harry head Mundungus Fletcher pinned to the wall, this couldn’t be good. “Harry what are you doing” Me and Hermione shrieked in unison ad we pushed people out of the way. He ignored us, “you took that from Sirius’s houses,” harry said so venomously, that even madam Rosmerta flinched back. “I- uh – no-” Mundungus spluttered. “Give it back” harry said almost nose to nose with him. “No, the house was empty, Sirius wouldn’t have-” Mundungus started. Harry raised his wand “harry, no” I said. And with a crack Mundungus apparated away. “COME BACK YOU THIEVING-” Harry started. “There’s no point Harry he’s probably in London now,” Ron said. Harry angrily put his wand away and walked out. I understood his pain; I would be just as angry if someone had tried to sell my mom’s things, no matter how non valuable they were. My thoughts were interrupted by the bloodcurdling screams of someone ahead. We raced forward, and I saw that it was Katie Bell. “ I told her not to open it, but she didn’t listen. It’s like she wasn’t herself.” Her friend I recognized as Leanne. I looked down to what she was talking about. It was a necklace in a r1ecta1ngular package, the same rectangular package that Draco had this morning. I put the two together and felt my head get light. I felt my legs break loose from under me and my back hit the ground. Everything went black.


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