Key to my heart (A Jacob Black love story) READ INTRO

Some things you need to know:

I added a new member to the wolf pack and his name is Mark.

I watched Eclipse and tried putting the emotions and actions Jake put into his character and the relationships with others

This was made after I had a dream(:

The other stuff you can figure out.
This is my new story I've been working long and hard on and i hope you enjoy it please comment thanks!(:

Chapter 3

Second Thoughts

Finally I heard guys laughing and a football hit me on the head. To my disgust it was Quil, Seth, Paul, and Jacob. I picked the ball up from my feet and walked toward then. Paul came up to me nose to nose.
"Sup Ash? Got a hard enough head to make the smallest of dents?" I lunged at him to be stopped by Seth.
"Chill guys it was an accident. Thanks Ashley."
"I waved at him no interest at the apology when I locked eyes with Jake. Jake looked so serious like a blind man seeing light, like a person coming back to life. It freaked me out but he was still gazing at me intently. I offered Quil the ball, still being watched my Jake.
"Uh.. ok.." Embaressed I hurried to take a seat on the log around the fire again feeling a close watched eye. Jake came over and sat next to me. I turned to him irritated.
"What do you want?" He looked a little hurt.
"Sorry. I'm not in my best mood."
"So'kay. Do you want to take a walk with me?
"Sure. The walk along the beach towards the rocks were relaxing. He didn't say anything but it wasn't all that akwurd. We actually walked farther than I thought. The fire's light slowly growing smaller.
"So Quil likes Morgan you know that right?" He said cutting the silence. I sat on the rock.
"What?" I laughed.
"It's true."
"No way." He nodded.
"You should see how angry he gets when he see's Morgan crying."
"That's Great!!" He looked at me like I encouraged him to commit suicide.
"Well What i mean is I get mad when Mark hurts her too and if they break up, I know Quil will treat her very well."
"I think so too."
"Wait how do you know she was crying? They always fight at her house and Mark doesn't show feelings."
"I'm getting hungry do you think there's any food?"
"Um.. yeah."
"Let's go." "I wonder why he changed the subject" I thought as we started walking.
"Hey Ash?" He turned to me.
"..Do you.. like anyone?"
"No..wh-" Right then he kissed me. I didn't enjoy it partly because I still didn't trust him and his jerk friends. I shoved his chest away from me and he took the hint that I didn't like it.
"Don't you EVER touch me again!" I fast walked to my car seeing Morgan making out with Mark in my peripherals.
"Where are you going?!" She yelled as she pulled away.
"Home!" I didn't turn around. When I got home I took a shower in hot water. It made me think of Jake's blazing lips. No! I won't think of that. I do NOT like him. That night I went to bed dreamlessly.
I woke early the next morning with sun shining through my curtains. I quickly changed into a bathing suit to go to La Push.
"Long time no see." I turned to find Jake.
"What are you doing here Jake?"
"Hey it's a free country!" I turned and started leaving.
"Wait Ash I'm sorry."
"You're unbelievable!" I scoffed.
"Look I just don't want to mess up."
"On what?"
"On trying to impress you." I relaxed a bit.
"You don't need to impress me Jake."
"Will you give me another chance then?"
I hesitated slightly. "Sure.
"Do you want to swim?"
"Do you want to swim?"
"Yeah let's do it." I slipped off my shoes and took off my shirt only to realize Jake was watching my every move. I laughed then snapped my fingers, "Jake." "Sorry." He took off his shirt too when I started staring at his incredible body. I looked away embaressed when he started laughing. I took off my shorts and ran to the water and dove in. It chilled me right to the bone when something scorching hot wrapped around my waist.
"Hey!" I splashed water in his face and we had a battle until I dove under the waves. I came back opening my eyes and there he was right in front of me beads of water on his skin shining from the reflections from the sun. Also running down his chest colliding with other droplets and-
"Earth to Ashley?"
"Sorry." I blushed. He made a crooked smile at me which made me melt and moved a strand of hair away from my face. Barely touching my cheek but still made me shiver. One hand cupped the left side of my face the other caressing my neck. He slowly bent his head our lips slightly touching. He hesitated and I closed my eyes. His lips touched mine, a radiant fire. His breath of glorious heat I couldn't resist- so sweet and gentle- making me dizzy. My arms wrapped around his neck as his hand moved down to my hips. I jumped and wrapped my legs around his waist, his arms constricting my back. I felt his stomach move on mine his heart beating vigorously on my chest. The water splashing lightly on my legs making us sway together. He then walked to shore on our lips inseperable and layed me on the sand his weight pressing on mine a wonderful pressure on my empty body. We pulled back finally breathless. His forehead pressed on mine.
"That," he breathed, "Should have been our first kiss."

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