Key to my heart (A Jacob Black love story) READ INTRO

Some things you need to know:

I added a new member to the wolf pack and his name is Mark.

I watched Eclipse and tried putting the emotions and actions Jake put into his character and the relationships with others

This was made after I had a dream(:

The other stuff you can figure out.
This is my new story I've been working long and hard on and i hope you enjoy it please comment thanks!(:

Chapter 28

Final Chapter

Hey guys! I am soooo sorry for this huge hiatus!! You all have been so patient i got messages all the time asking when i would put up the final chapter and here it is! I didn't know how to end it to be honest and it made me cry because it's over! But alas, theres a surprise at the end for a new book i will be writing so let me know in the comments what you think and what you guys thought of the final chapter! Thank you all so much it means the world to me! Enjoy! muah

Wedding dress:

Hair pin:

Hair style:


Wedding entrance song:

"I can't breathe... I just can't." My bridesmaids and Em laugh in unison as I stand there impatiently as they finish the finishing touches on my wedding gown, veil, hair, etc. The dress hugged my hips and thighs making me look flawless but it was so tight. Easy to maneuver in. I mean I could totally ignore it if I wanted to, but I'd rather walk down the aisle in my sweats with just me and Jake but noooo we had to have venue of about 300 people, Em insisted. I cross my arms, unfold them, and re-cross them again nervously.
"I don't think I've ever seen Ash so fidgety." Morgan, my maid of honor, giggled.
"Oh hush." I laughed swatting at her hands playfully that were fluffing up the train of my dress. Em walks over to me with blush in her hands. She applies the makeup softly and quietly. Her mouth is upright in a crooked trembling smile and her eyes were glossy. She steps back and nods once she finishes.
"You look so beautiful Ashy." A few tears manage to fall down her cheeks.
"Oh Em.. Don't cry you'll make me cry." A few tears escape as I laugh and she wipes them away. She lays her hand on my cheek and I close my eyes, letting her hand hold the side of my face and I close my eyes enjoying the touch of the woman who treated me with kindness. Someone who accepted me with open arms and took me in as her own daughter.
"Thank you." I whisper as I look up into her eyes. A few tears fall and I wipe them away. She fans her face and grins widely.
"WOOH weddings make me emotional." We all laugh and dab our cheeks with tissues. Billy wheels himself into the dressing room.
"We're about to start ladies". Everyone looks at me and we all squeal. All the girls walk outside the room to get lined up with the groomsmen. Em and I are the last ones in the room and she turns to me.
"Oh, I almost forgot." She walks to a dresser and opens a small-embellished jewelry box. Inside was a hairpin. A swallow with blue jewels sat at the end of pin.
"Em.. It’s beautiful."
"My mother gave it to me the day I married Sam. It was her great great grandmothers and we want to keep it in the family. Something blue, something old, something borrowed." She fixes it into my low side bun hairstyle. I touch the accessory and kiss Em on the cheek.
"You ready?" I nod excitedly and we walk out hand in hand.

The ushers open the door and cue the groomsmen and bridesmaids closing soon after they make their entrance, reopening them for the next pair. I notice the song Higher Love playing by James Vincent Mcmorrow and I take deep breaths calming myself before our turn. I find Em and I the last two behind the door. I inhale deeply and ready myself and the ushers open the double doors. Everyone stands and all eyes were on me. I look at the guests who are gaping in awe, wonder, and beauty as we make our way down the aisle. I see my best friend on the steps near the alter. Sam, Seth, Paul, Quil, etc. alongside Jacob and even Billy near the front as well. Everyone we love celebrating with us on this day. I look under my eyelashes at Jake who is standing at the alter. I blush as he makes direct eye contact with me. He wipes his face with one hand and I notice him crying. It takes everything in me to not sprint to him and tackle him but I stay put, walking agonizingly slow towards him. My heart swells as I see him. The man I love and have been through so much with whom I’m about to marry is only a few feet away from me. We finally get to the end and I turn to Em who kisses me on the cheek before giving my hand to Jacob who helps me walk up the steps in front of the alter. I turn around and hand my flowers to Morgan and turn back around to hold Jacobs' hands. We exchange vows and rings and mouth I love you’s and we wait for the magic words.
"You may now kiss your bride." I mold my lips onto Jakes and sparks fly. I hear applause and the boys’ hoot and holler. A few tears escape my eyes out of happiness. He holds my faces and kisses the corners of my eyes. Then wraps his arms around my waist tightly and lifts me up as my arms wrap around his neck as we share another kiss. He constricts my body and I giggle.
"Jake!" I mumble against his lips.
"Can't. Breathe." He chuckles setting me down and grabs my hand. We make our way out hand in hand to the reception to continue the rest of the night as newlyweds. As Mr. and Mrs. Black.

The End

Chapter One:

"That's what you're wearing?" I frowned at myself in the mirror. Poking at my pudgy short frame. I turned to the side observing my big butt and bloated tummy from the "too tight" capris.
"You're right maybe I should change." I was so nervous for my first job interview. I wanted to look presentable and classy but these pants weren’t cutting it and just way too uncomfortable. I exhaled as I unbuttoned the jeans and stepped out of the capris, kicking them off to the side as I rummaged for my tan skinny jeans. After jumping into them I slipped on my studded ballet flats, white quarter sleeve blouse and black blazer. Picking out a few accessories and ruffling my hair making it more volumized. I turned to Anne and gave a slow turn.
"Whattaya think?" I sighed.
"Beautiful hon. You'll do great. They'd be a fool not to hire you." She smiled as she gets up to give me a good luck hug before I make my way out. I clutch my small satchel purse at my side as I walked to the restaurant, arriving too soon for comfort. As I walk in I can hear the faint singing of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong along with the clinking of utensils on plates. This job is way too perfect for me and I had to make a great impression. I walk up to the bar in the middle of the room that was linked to the kitchen and asked to speak to the storeowner, Victor. As I wait, I pull out my resume. A tall clean-shaven and bulky man makes his way out of the double doors wiping his hands on his apron towards me. I put on my biggest dazzling smile and make my way to him holding my hand and introducing myself.
"Hello Cassandra, I'm Mr. Elissabeth. You're more than welcome to call me Victor." Victor was very handsome. For an older man in his later forties it looked like he took very good care of himself. He escorted me to a booth in the corner of the restaurant and immediately asked me every question that I was more than prepared for. Where have you worked previously? This would be my first job. How would you benefit my restaurant? Why should I hire you? How are you different than other workers that I’ve interviewed prior to this one? And so on. Although nervous, I was confident in my answers and was myself the whole time. By the end of the interview he scoots out of the booth and I do the same holding my folder in one hand and shaking his hand with the other.
"It was a pleasure meeting you Cassandra. I was very impressed for this being your first interview. I would love for you to be apart of our crew."
"Thank you so much Mr. Elissabeth. And please, call me Cassie."

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