Key to my heart (A Jacob Black love story) READ INTRO

Some things you need to know:

I added a new member to the wolf pack and his name is Mark.

I watched Eclipse and tried putting the emotions and actions Jake put into his character and the relationships with others

This was made after I had a dream(:

The other stuff you can figure out.
This is my new story I've been working long and hard on and i hope you enjoy it please comment thanks!(:

Chapter 2


It started out as hate.. but ended in love. I woke up and again for the third week I heard Morgan and Mark fighting. I looked out the window and she stomped away. I never liked these guys; Quil, Jacob, Seth, Sam etc. Of course I knew the truth and Mark obviously dated Morgan for his desperate ego and play toy. It was sick the ways he treated her and I vowed to never ever like any of these people. But this year I was showed other wise of how wrong I was to only see the negative side. I got out of bed beat and walked to Morgan's house. We're best friends and she lives right next to me. Walking up the wet steps do to the rain of Washington, I knocked on the door. She opened it slightly I didn't see her face yet but when she emerged with her head hung down I lifted her chin up with my index finger. Her face now nothing and expressionless, puffy in the eyes from tears, red, and looks like she just saw her mom burned to death or something, I sighed.
"I know, I know. You were right I was wrong." I pulled out a tissue prepared like every other morning and wiped the mascara running from her face and she started to clean up herself. I was still in disbelief.
"Morgan! This has got to stop! This isn't helping you."
"I know but we'll work it out today, I promise." She reassured me. I rolled my eyes.
"Who are you talking about? Me or Mark?" I asked irritated.
"...Mark.." She said quietly not looking at me. I turned around and she caught my arm, "Ashley please! Help me. I want to be with him."
"I doubt that but I'll help you."
"Yay! She squealed. I turned around and went home.
"Hey Ash."
"Hi Em."
"Listen kiddo, what are you up to today?"
"I'm trying to figure out how to get Mark and Morgan to make up." Her face once lightened suddenly twisted in disgust.
"She's still dating that worthless boy?"
"Sadly." She shook the heavy thought away.
"Well yesterday I found from Jacob's dad an invitation to a bonfire. Jacob invited you and a friend so you can take Morgan."
"Em! Mark is his friend! It's just a trick!" She held a hand up.
"Ask Morgan. This is for her not for you."
"Fine." Later that evening I took Morgan to the bonfire. Before we walked 10 feet on the La Push sand, I stopped her.
"What if things end badly?" I hesitated.
She put a hand on my shoulder. " It won't!" She smiled. We walked toward the fire. She ran off to Mark and I was alone.

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