my song

i just wrote this song and idk if its any good...

Chapter 1

no one sees

no one ever sees
who i am inside
it is no lie
that i am painfully shy
i have been hiding for so long
i don't know where i belong

when they say i am too nice
it is a lie
people give me compliments
and i see right through them

when i am gone
nobody will notice
i'll write a song
and no one will bother to listen

love is emotional
but also fictional
hate requires passion

i would like to show
who i really am
but then people would know
where i stand
and that i don't belong
which i would hate
but nobody understands
that i am no different
i just have my own intent

"i am just like everyone else"
the idea is wise, but never sells
whatever life throws at me
i don't always take it well
they and i are same but different
i just have to accept it
its a given if nobody else notices


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